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The three of them sat at a bench and waited for Ramika to explain some of her past.

"So do you mind telling us about your life?" Najato asked politely.

"Of course, well as with many things it's easiest to start at the beginning." Ramika said.


A young four year old Ramika stood in blue shorts, a white t-shirt and blue sneakers. She was in a nice looking yard, in southern Minato and was watching her older brother draw a rectangle with chalk on their stone wall. In front of her stood a soccer ball.

A young Issaku age eight was in a white t-shirt, red shorts and sneakers, had finished up the drawing and trotted over to Ramika.

"Ok Ramika-chan, kick the ball and try to aim at the rectangle alright?" Issaku asked.

"Ok Onii-chan!" Ramika called.

She kicked the ball with all her might and it flew and hit the rectangle dead in the center, she jumped up and down happily.

"Good job, spazz now calm down and let me show you what I can do." Issaku gloated.

He retrieved the ball and kicked it harder than his younger sister did, once it hit the wall it came back near his feet. Issaku kicked it ahead of him a little.

"Ok Ramika-chan, go give it a running kick and then that ball will go flying, I guarantee it!" He said optimistically.

Ramika ran at the soccer ball but tripped and turned her ankle, her blue eyes filled up with tears, almost immediately went over to her.

"Ramika-chan show me your ankle." He said kindly.

She obliged quickly and he examined her ankle then sighed, mussed his little sisters hair in a comforting manner.

"Ramika-chan, don't cry. Even if things hurt a little don't cry, because crying doesn't change anything, it'll only make you feel worse, now smile at Onii-chan." Issaku said nicely.

"R-Really, alright Onii-chan, I won't cry anymore. I'll be t-tough s-so you don't have to worry about me." Ramika replied, stammering a little.

She stood up on her slightly sore ankle but smiled at her older brother. Soon enough their father, Kentaro, walked out into the yard.

"So what are you two doing out here?" He asked.

"I'm turning Ramika-chan into a rebellious tomboy." Issaku said.

"Oh no you won't! My daughter is not going to become some rough and roudy tomboy! She is going to be a sweet, polite young lady, then maybe when she's older I'll allow some extremely lucky boy to marry her, if he's good enough for her." Kentaro shouted, clutching his daughter in a tight hug.

"Dad, Ramika-chan's turning blue, let her get some air! Who cares if she's not some prissy, wimpy girl? She's fine the way she is." Issaku replied roughly.

"Hrmph! She's still my little girl!" He retaliated.

"Darling! You can disagree with your son, until your as blue in the face as your daughter is now, but don't go endangering her!" Their mother shouted, punching her husband over the head.

A smoldering bump appeared on his head and he released her. Ramika quickly let her lungs fill back up with air.

"But Kaori-chan, Issaku's turning my lilttle angel into a tomboy, I won't have it." Kentaro whined.

"Accept your daughter as she is, tomboy or not I still love her. Issaku-kun you shouldn't toy with an over protective father, they could be the most dangerous people you'll ever piss off." Kaori warned her son.

"Really you mean Dad could be tough? Yeah I'll believe it when it starts snowing in August." Issaku said harshly.

"I swear if you two don't stop fighting I'll intervene, the hard way!" Their mother yelled.

The two males flinched in unison, despite their consant bickering there was one thing they could agree on, when Mom was pissed off run away or be very polite.

"Oh father, I'm terribly sorry I disrespected you, can you find it your heart to forgive me, your terrible son?" Issaku asked, bowing his head deeply.

"Of course just as long you can forgive me as well." Kentaro replied, in an equally formal manner.

"Good come along, Ramika-chan." Kaori said, taking her daughter into their home.


Two years after the incident in the backyard it's the weekend before Ramika's first day of school and she was with her mother putting on a sailor-style uniform, as was regulation for that school but the children could decide what color to wear. Ramika was pulling on a light blue sailor uniform.

"Are you sure you want to wear a blue uniform?" Kaori asked her daughter, helping her tie the bow attached to the color.

"Of course, it's my favorite color Mom, why did you expect me to wear pink or something girly like that?" Ramika replied.

"Well if your heart is set on blue, blue it is. Won't you at least do something with your hair like braiding it or odango buns?" She inquired.

"No, nothing like that. I like my hair down, it looks nice that way." Ramika objected.

"If you insist Ramika-chan I just wish you would try different things, but I suppose your just being you." Kaori sighed.

"Thanks Mom, you're the best." She laughed.

After that was done she changed into her pajamas and went to sleep. When she awoke in the morning she brushed out her hair, pulled on her blue sailor uniform and tried to tie the bow but it wound up sloppy. Ramika walked out of her room and Issaku was waiting for her at the door. Issaku wore a pair of slacks, a white button up shirt and tie.

"Ok Ramika-chan, ready for your first day of school or are you a little nervous?" Issaku asked.

"Nope I'm not nervous, why would I be? I'm gonna make a lot of new friends I bet, so let's hurry up and go." She said happily.

Issaku nodded and the two walked to the nearby elementary school and went inside the school. The two parted ways once inside, Ramika walked into her first period class and smiled. A bunch of girls in pink or lavender sailor uniforms were standing around a bunch of desks smiling. One of the girls approached her and sneered at her.

"What are you so happy for, this is the first day of school and I heard from my older sister school is no fun. So why are you smiling weirdo do you like working or something?" The girl asked rudely.

"Yeah and what's with your uniform can't you even tie a bow properly, any other girl can." Another girl commented rudely.

"Feh, her parents must be idiots or something, look she can't even do anything to her hair." One more girl added meanly.

"Shut up, that's not true! You can't talk about my family like that!" Ramika barked.

"Woah she's really violent. Maybe she's a boy, that would explain why she's in that blue uniform." A boy commented to his friends.

"No calling her a boy, would be too big a compliment for her." Another said.

"So what if I'm a tomboy, so what if I wear blue instead of pink, who cares that I can't tie a bow or I don't mess with my hair?" Ramika asked coldly.

"Uh-oh, teahcer's coming everyone leave that weirdo alone, it's what she deserves." Another kid stated.

The young female teacher walked into the room, she was a brunette woman with green eyes and in a knee length skirt and blouse.

"Alright students, I am Ms. Kobayashi, take out your literature books and turn to page nine." The instructor said.

The students did as they were told and the subject was on the different writing styles, most of the students knew maybe one or two and were baffled, but only our young heroine knew all three.

"Alright someone name the three different writing styles and write and example on the board." The teacher stated.

Ramika raised up one trembling hand, the teacher looked at the seating chart and called on her.

"Ito-Itokana no that's Itokasana Ramika, alright. Itokasana-san give it a shot." Kobayashi said.

She walked up to the board and started with the one she knew best hiragana, then started on katakana then kanji. The students couldn't help but grin at what she had written which was: strange.

"The first one is hiragana, then I did katakana and the last one is kanji." Ramika explained.

"Very good, Itokasana-san you may take your seat." The instructor said.

"Yeah that word describes her perfectly." One boy whispered to his friend.

"Oh, yeah what a nerd." The other whispered.

"Quiet you two, this isn't break time." Kobayashi chastised the two boys.

The two gave Ramika a cold glare that practically said 'Way to go, loser.'

"Eyes front!" The teacher snapped.

The class passed by then it was time for history class, the literature teacher left and an older male one entered the room.

"Hello students, I'll be your history insturctor. I don't want to see anyone falling asleep in my class or you'll be out in the hall holding two pails of water. Oh, by the I'm Mr. Norishita." The teacher said introducing himself.

Everyone uttered a small 'yes' or 'yes sir' in unison.

"Before we begin I have a trivia question for you where did the Ainu people originate from? If you don't know the answer don't feel too bad, not many kids know about them." Norishita explained.

Ramika's hand instantly went up and he called on her.

"The Ainu people originate from Hokkaido." She said confidently.

"Correct. Tell me how did you know that?" The teacher asked.

"My Daddy was born and raised in Hokkaido." Ramika told him.

He fished around in the pocket off his blazer and tossed a small hard candy at her which she caught and promptly ate. The lesson went on as did the school day, going from history, to math and lastly to science. The school bell had rang and she waited by the front of the school for her brother.

"Bye you guys! I'll see you tomorrow." Issaku called to his many friends.

"Hi Onii-chan how was your day?" Ramika asked.

"Fine, Ramika-chan did you make any new friends at school?" He inquired, as the two walked home.

"N-Not really, actually I got teased a good bit." She sighed, then shuffled her feet in dejection.

"Well that certainly sucks." Issaku said rudely.

"Well, don't worry about me Issaku-Onii-chan, I won't cry no matter what happens!" Ramika smiled at him.

'Oh, crap did she think I meant don't ever cry? Man Ramika-chan will really have some problems if she can't rely on people.' Issaku thought.

The two calmly walked into their nice home, took off their shoes and parted ways. Ramika went to her room while Issaku sat down on their couch and turned on the tv to a sports channel, there was boxing match on. Issaku pulled a note book out of his book bag and watched the boxers, whenever the announcers said the name of the punch he wrote it down.

"Ramika-chan would you come into the kitchen please?" Kaori called.

Ramika stood up and walked from her room into the kitchen like her mother requested, Kaori was in slacks and white shirt with an apron over the front, which ment she was making dinner.

"Ramika-chan help me out with cooking, I want you to chop some vegetables for me and boil some water afterwards." Her mother said.

Kaori handed her a cutting board, a sharp knife and the various vegetables that would go into their dinner. Ramika watched her mother as she cut the meat carefully and mimicked what she was doing and did it to the vegetables. Her mother watched her out of the corner of her eye and saw how good she was doing and smiled.

"Oh Ramika-chan, you are a natural just like I hoped you would be, at least I have one child who can cook." She commented.

"Thank you Mom. What do you mean one child, Onii-chan can't cook?" Ramika asked, baffled.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. ISSAKU-KUN COME HERE PLEASE!" Kaori called.

The aforementioned boy walked into the kitchen frowning slightly, he didn't like the kitchen and it didn't like him back.

"Yes mom?" Issaku asked.

"Please boil one pot of water for me." She ordered.

"I'll try." He said, stuffing his hands in his pocket.

The boy scanned the room for what his mother requested, found it, filled it with hot water, placed it on a burner on the stove and the two girls watched. Kaori who had grown used to this sight stood there eyebrow twitching a little while Ramika stood shocked and watched the pot, she couldn't believe what she was seeing her older brother had burned water.

"I-I-Issaku-onii-chan, how on earth did you do that?" Our young heroine asked.

"I dunno, that happens all the time I try to do something in kitchen that doesn't involve the microwave." Issaku said.

"Alright you are done Issaku-kun, go back to whatever you were doing." Their mother sighed.

He simply left the kitchen and went back to watching boxing.

Ramika helped her mother for another half hour but soon enough the front door was opened and her father walked in the front door from his job. Kentaro works a normal day for a semi-wealthy company and made above average wages to provide a good life for his family.

"Daddy's home!" Ramika squealed then ran to her father and hugged his legs.

"Ah my sweet little angel, how was your first day of school?" He asked, the hugged her too his head.

"I-It was ok, Daddy. Guess what? I helped mom cook in the kitchen." She said exuberantly.

"Oh, Ramika-chan I wanted that to be a surprise for your father. It's alright though, did I ever tell you that's how I won over your father. He was so impressed with my cooking he asked me out." Kaori stated, remembering her past.

"That and she beat the ever loving crap out of any other female, who got within a ten foot radius of me, with a giant paper fan." Kentaro told.

"In other words mom was a tsundere in the past." Issaku said.

"What do you mean was? I still am and I'm not afraid to prove it." She gloated.

"Alright everyone how about we eat then talk about this later?" Ramika asked.

Soon after not much happened in the Itokasana family life, until two years passed and Issaku was in the second week of middle school. The time when students signed up for clubs. He looked at the crowded poster board showing what clubs were available. Only one caught his eye a boxing club, he instantly signed his name all he needed was to get five thousand yen.

He walked by Ramika's elementary school when she was getting out, she had grown a little taller and her hair had gotten a little bit longer. Ramika still wore the blue uniform she got teased about two years ago.

"Hey Ramika-chan, how was school today? Are your grades good?" Issaku asked.

"It was alright today and the only class I'm doing poorly in is math. I'm still passing though." Ramika said.

"Hey little sis, what would you think if your big brother joined the boxing club, at school?" He inquired.

"Ooh, that'd be so cool Issaku-onii-chan! Awesome!" She said, then smiled exuberantly.

"So you approve? I hope dad does or my dreams of boxing are all for naught." Issaku replied and groaned.

"Don't worry, as long as your polite with Daddy, he can be reasonable." Ramika stated.

"I hope so little sis, I hope so." He said.

The two walked into their the nice home and were greeted by their mother, Ramika got to work on homework and worked on her assignment. After fourty-five minutes she stopped and flopped down on her soft bed, stared at the ceiling and sighed.

'Oh Issaku-onii-chan, why are we so different? You are popular, cool, tough, ambitious and you get good grades. Me on the other hand if I get friends they often move, I'm rather nerdy, weak, not sure what to do with my life and I only get avergae grades when I push myself. Yet I don't hate you Issaku-onii-chan, I strive to be more like you so I can have friends, be cool,tough,get jobs and get into a good school. I really hope you don't change Issaku-onii-chan.' She thought.

Ramika groaned popped her fingers and got back to working on her homework.

Issaku waited until his father came home from work once he did, he was still being patient for a half hour, then got a cool can of green tea from the kitchen and handed it to his father who did this regularly once he got home from work. Kentaro sighed and took the can from him then placed it on his desk.

"What do you want Issaku-kun? You normally don't do me favors, unless you want something, so what is it?" The man asked.

"Uh, I wanted to join the boxing club at my middle school and I need five thousand yen, may I please get that money?" Issaku inquired.

"Of course, Ramika my little cutie, has tennis I suppose you can have boxing as long as you don't quit once it gets hard, I'll let you have some money." Kentaro said.

"Thank you so much I'll make you proud of me Dad!" Issaku replied.

"Yes, now I would reccomend getting some rest since boxing can be a strenuous sport." The man commented.

"Of course." Issaku said.

The day passed my in the blink of an eye for Issaku, he soon went to sleep for that night, happy that he could get in the boxing club. The next morning he got up, got dressed walked to school with Ramika and patiently waited for the day to be over. Issaku heard the school bell ring then went into the club room for the boxing club and handed over his money. For the next two years in his middle school not much happened again until the summer came.


Ramika was out with her family she was finally transitioning into middle school, she was at a small clothing store in a black blazer, red plaid skirt, white under shirt with the red bow and black himself had gotten into high school and was in his third year.

"Oh, my poor little Ramika already going into middle school! Soon enough boys will be chasing her and thatuniform's skirt." Kentaro complained.

"Dad who the hell is going to chase me?I'm already taller than half of Japan's male population, would you please you some friggin' common sense!" Ramika growled.

"ISSAKU! How dare you teach your little sister something like that? You're corrupting her!" The older male snarled.

"Hey don't you dare blame me old man! It's not my fault she looks up to me, so if you wanna blame someone blame her." Issaku retaliated.

"I didn't learn it from Onii-chan, Dad I learned it myself. Now this is the reason I don't go out in public with you." The young girl said.

"Ramika-chan, you don't need to be so harsh, your father just doesn't want you going down the wrong path that's all and remember your only thirteen, your brother is seventeen on the other hand, you shouldn't force yourself to be like him." Kaori replied critically.

"Alright, sorry I swore at you Dad, but I really don't think many guys are going to be attracted to me." Ramika sighed.

"Cheer up sis, most guys are jerks and only want one thing, if you catch my drift. Hey how about you watch my first boxing match of this year?" Issaku asked.

"That'd be great Issaku-onii-chan!" She said happily.

"Oh no! That's the last thing we need is her to be seen by high school aged males." Kentaro growled.

"Don't worry Dad, she's not going alone, I'll be there and if they see me hit another boxer I think they can get the hint." He reassured his father.

"Alright let's pay the poor traumatized shop keeper and head home." Kaori sighed.

Kentaro paid the nervous looking young woman and the Itokasana family went back to their home, once there they talked about their high school experiences. Soon two weeks passed and Kentaro dropped the two off at Issaku's boxing match.

"Do your best, Onii-chan." Ramika said, in an encouraging way.

"Don't worry, I will and for the love of all that is holy, stay away from the high school aged guys." Issaku replied.

Her brother climbed in the ring and went to the red corner then began to warm up. Ramika took this as her cue and sat near a man who looked like he was in in his late fourties.

'Oh, I hope this guy isn't some kind of sleazebag who likes high school aged girls.' She thought.

After a few minutes the bell rang and the boxing match was started, Issaku was doing great landing most of his jabs, the other fighter who was the same age and had equal training but was not doing so good, he had been hit by eight solid jabs and two haymakers. Luckily for the other boy the bell was rang again signaling the end of round one. Many of the people were cheering for Issaku.

The bell was hit again signaling the start of the second round.

"Go!GO!GO! Come on Issaku-onii-chan!" Ramika yelled.

"Come on kid! Give 'em all you go! Slug that bastard! Knock his teeth out! Come on, Come on!" The guy next to her shouted.

"Come on Issaku-onii-chan give him hell!" She called.

The fight went on and the older man looked at her curiously.

"Hey girl, you're calling him Onii-chan? Is he really your brother or a guy you like?" The guy asked.

"He's my brother, why do you wanna know?" Ramika replied.

"Your brother's got potential to be a professional boxer. How old is your brother? He got a job? Tell me about him." The man said.

"Issaku-Onii-chan, is seventeen and he doesn't have a job. Now tell me who you are so I feel a little less creeped out." She sighed.

"Oh, I'm Nakajima Ren and a trainer of pro boxers. Your big bro might become a customer of mine he's go raw, natural talent he could easily rise to the tops, no sweat. You tell him that, I got other places to scout out, see ya." Ren stated, then left.

At the end of the second round Issaku had slugged his challenger and effectively knocked him out, the referee held up his hand and declared him the winner. He got out of ring and walked over to his sister, sweat poured off of him.

"Yo Ramika-chan, who was that dude you were chatting with? Do I need to intervene with him? Show him the error of his ways? Tie his legs to seperate cars and pul-"

"NO! Would you please not go to the extreme? The guy said he was Nakajima Ren and he told me to tell you, you've got potential, then he walked off." Ramika explained.

"That was Nakajima Ren, the Nakajima Ren? He thinks I've got potential, that's awesome! That is really, really, really, really, really awesome!" Issaku shouted.

"Ok, let's try it again without four of the 'reallys' and a synonym for awesome. By the way what's so 'awesome' about that guy?" She inquired.

"Nakajima Ren is one of the best boxing coaches to ever live and he says I have potential! That's incredible, why didn't you stall him so I could talk to him?" He responded.

"I didn't know who he was and to be honest he was sorta creeping me out can we go home soon? The show I like starts in an hour." Ramika said impatiently.

"Alright, let's get back to Mom and Dad, so you can watch your show." Issaku replied.

The two siblings walked back to the Itokasana residence and greeted their parents, Ramika went to the living room and watched tv while Issaku went to his father's desk found a phone book and dialed up Nakajima gym. The phone rang three times then somebody picked up.

"Hello, this is the Nakajima gym who may I say is calling?" A voice asked.

"This is Itokasana Issaku, Najakima-san came to one of my boxing matches, I was wondering why your owner was at one of my matches? If he needs a boxer I'm a senior in high school and I've always been a huge fan of h-"

"Oh, your the kid tomorrow is a sunday if your off come down, we are located in the northern section of Shinjuku. The boss was would like to have you as a member here, he thinks you've got real potential, does tomorrow work for you?" The man cut him off.

"Yes, that'll be fine I'll see you tomorrow." Issaku said, then he hung up the phone.

"Who was that you called Issaku-onii-chan?" Ramika inquired.

"Oh that was Nakajima gym, I'm going over tomorrow, you should come too Ramika-chan." He said.

"Why me? I'm no boxer the only sport I play is tennis." Ramika replied.

"If it weren't for you, Nakajima-san would've never known about me, that and your evidence." Issaku stated.

"Oh, that's all I am, because everybody poses as you at one point in there life." She said saracstically.

"Just deal with Ramika-chan, I'll buy you deluxe ramen if you go with me tomorrow, so please come with me baby sis. Do you really want to stay here with mom and dad? What if they do-" He whispered a phrase in her ear that began with so and ended in re.

"GYAH! Ok Issaku-onii-chan, I'll definitely come with you, after you explained it to me dear elder brother, whom I dearly respect." Ramika spoke, in a formal manner.

"What did you whisper in my little angel's ear, Issaku-kun?" Kentaro asked, upon seeing his daughter's shocked face.

Issaku smirked a smirk that would've made the devil himself look like Saint Peter in comparison and answered his father.

"Oh, nothing that concerns you, O honorable father but Ramika-chan is hanging out with me tomorrow, I hope that's alright with you." He said.

"Fine but we were watching the news and they say there is a criminal on the loose near southern Minato I want you both back before nightfall, if anything happens to her I swear to god I-"

"Darling, I swear to the Gods above I will get my paper fan out of the attic and beat the snot out of you with it, if you don't quit it. In all actuality protect your sister if your going swomewhere." Kaori said more politely.

"You don't need to remind me, you've told me that ever since Ramika-chan was four and I've never let anything bad happen to her and I'll make sure she stays safe, consider it a promise." Issaku stated.

"Fine you two can go wherever it is your going, but try and be back by dark." Their father sighed.

"I'll certainly try, good night." The young man said.

Everyone left for bed, unbeknownst to the Itokasana siblings, this would be the last night they shared with their parents. The two siblings woke up, pulled on their clothes and left for the subway station, they arrived in northern Shinjuku at around two o'clock, they found the gym at three and entered.

"Hello, is Nakajima-san in? It's Itokasana and I brought my sister if you don't believe me." Issaku said.

"Oh, you're the kid from the match on saturday yeah, you really have potential if you wanna be a member of the gym you'll have to go through a three hour regimen. Your sister's free to stay here while you complete it." Nakajima said.

"Sorry about this Ramika-chan, but it's better than being in the house with are parents doing-"

"GYAH! Don't say it Issaku-onii-chan, just get on with it, I don't need to think about Mom and Dad doing that." She shuddered.

So he did, Issaku completed the regimen and sweat was pouring off of him once he was finished, the sun was beginning to go down and it would take at least two hours to get home.

"Ok, Nakajima-san the regimen's completed and I'm heading home, I'll see you later." Issaku said.

"Ok then, you two have a nice day, bye now." Nakajima replied.

The two walked to the subway station as the sun was setting, in an hour they boarded the subway after a half hour they departed for home and it was almost completely dark. Ramika and Issaku walked towards their door and he realized the front door was open. Their parents never kept the front door unlocked after night and the two went inside cautiously.

The siblings silently shuffled into their home and in the hall way was a man in a black ski mask holding .38, all of a sudden their parents walked out of their room and the man with gun shot at Kentaro hitting him in the shoulder, the man stumbled forward blood dripping of of him.

"Issaku-kun! RUN get Ramika-chan out of here, get her somewhere saf-"

Before he could finish he was shot in the heart Kaori stood there trembling in disbelief, tears welling up in her eyes, the man shot her in the chest twice and then she fell forward.

"I-I-Isakku-k-k-kun, p-p-please r-r-r-run." Kaori whimpered and then died.

With that Issaku pulled Ramika away from the man and through their kitchen, the young man pulled down a bottle of cooking oil and spilt it on the floor, in order to slow down the murderer. Issaku opened up drawer on cabinets and pulled out a box of matches, the killer entered the kitchen slipping slightly on oil.

"Kid, I wouldn't use those matches unless you want your parents bodies to be burnt to a crisp." The man growled.

Issaku discarded the matches and pulled a large knife out of a knife block and tried to scooch towards the door, Ramika clung to his other arm and suddenly the killer mad a run for the two he grabbed Ramika's thigh and with lightning like reflexes slashed at the man's cheek, in a moment of pain he released her, Issaku pulled her harshly and got safely out the door. The two ran through the streets they ran as quickly as they could to the subway station and saw a security guard standing there.

"Sir! Please help someone killed our parents, please come quick!" Ramika shouted, tears budding in her eyes.

The Itokasana siblings tugged the security guard over to their home, the man had fled, her parents lie dead on the wooden floor. Ramika's eyes had been budding with tears, but she willed herself not to cry, then looked in the sky.

'God. How can the stars still shine so bright? Why is the moon still there, shouldn't it be on a night of a new moon? How can life keep going on after something so horrible. Why? Why? Why? I don't understand. Is my sadness nothing? Or is it a sign that I must endure my pain? Overcome it and be strong I'll deal with it, as it's said life goes on, life won't play me a melody, no street singer is going to come out and sing: I guess that's why they call it the blues. Life will move on, no matter what I do and no amount of tears will bring my parents back to life. This isn't a fairytale and I'm certainly no magical princess, life goes on even for me.' Ramika thought.

In one week a funeral was prepared they took the body to a cemetary in Shinjuku, a lawyer paid them insurance money, and they moved to a tiny wooden apartment and began their life anew, in Shinjuku. In October Issaku dropped out of high school to take on boxing full time once the money began to get tight, he gained a reputation. To some it was a blessing and yet it was a curse infamacy had it's a price a lesson Ramika Itokasana would learn al too soon on a day in late February, after Issaku's nineteenth birthday.

Issaku decided to walk Ramika home on the cold day when snow fell and ice was on the sidewalk, a man with a large scar on his cheek bumped shoulder with Issaku.

"Watch where you're walking ya little bastard!" He snarled.

"Same to you ass-hole, let's go home Ramika-chan, you promised me you'd make oden when we got home, so hurry up." Issaku said happily.

"Of course, Issaku-onii-chan." Ramika replied.

'Issaku and Ramika, it's those two. From one year ago, I killed their parents now I should do the honoroable thing and kill their children, parents and kids shouldn't be seperated, for long.' the man thought.

He pulled a .38 out of his bulky winter jacket and took aim at Issaku, he shot twice and they both hit him in the back. Issaku staggered for a moment and fell backward, Ramika instantly coruched by him, as the murderer was approached by a group of salarymen.

"Issaku-onii-chan, please don't die on me Onii-chan, you can't die, not after Mom and dad! Please stay with me I'm not strong enough to protect myself-"

"Ramika-chan, you truly are my sweet little sister, I want you to promise me two things, no questions asked." He said, his vision began to slip from him.

"What, Onii-chan what can I do?" She asked and tried not to cry.

"I want you to learn to defend yourself and I want you to date somebody before you turn eighteen, you are too pretty to be all alone. I want you to find a guy who'll take care of you, now promsie me you'll do these things. Quick Ramika-chan." Issaku rasped.

"Of course I will, I'll try hard for you Issaku-onii-chan." Ramika whispered.

"Good girl, remember me little sister, I love you and p-p-promise me, y-y-you w-w-won't f-forget about y-your b-b-boxing big brother I-I-Issaku." Issaku said as he died.

"I promise, Issaku-onii-chan, I'll never forget you." Ramika answered him.

On the sidewalk the salarymen began to punch and slap the man who had killed someone, they pried the gun from his hands and began to beat in on him. A few men crouched near Ramika and patted her back.

"Don't worry young lady we'll take this man to the cops and make sure he's arrested, for this most heinous crime." One man spoke to her.

Ramika only nodded and was allowed to go to the police station.


"After that, life wasn't very good to me, I attended Onii-chan's funeral and I lived the life of a poor high school student. Life wasn't very good to me, in fact it was down right awful-"

"God, Ramika-chan I-I-I'm so sorry, I didn't think anything that terrible had ever happened to you." Najato said, in an apologetic manner.

"You didn't let me finish. That was until I met you Najato-kun, you changed my life. For the better of course, so I really should say thank you, if it weren't for you I probably would've been either very depressed or dead. So honestly Najato-kun, thank you so much, for saving me that day." Ramika smiled, at him.

"Um, no problem. Tch. To be honest I only saved you on accident , those punks spilled my beer and that lead me to you, it's not like it's fate or anything." He replied, defensively. "Besides the guys deserved it."

"No matter what you say, Najato-kun, I'm still gonna say thank you. Now can we please go home?" She asked.

"Of course."

-End chapter 5-

(A/N): Woo that was a long wasn't it? Well did you like the ending? I hope so, now here comes a warning with my stories, no matter how much humor I have in them most of them have a dark painful underbelly that I rarely show. The way I do this is I coat my stories with light and softer humor. Anyway Happy New Year! On to culture notes.

Minato- One of the special wards of Tokyo where Ramika was born and raised.

Odnago- A popular hairstyle in Japan, with two sphere shaped buns on the side of the head. A popular example is Sailor Moon.

Katakana- Another popular Japanese writing style.

Kanji- Japanese writing style, not as common as hiragana and katakana.

Ainu- A race of people known for their plight, Hiromu Arakawa states that the Ishvaal revolution was based on the plight of the Ainu people.

Hokkaido- An island above main land, Japan.

Tsundere- A character that generally runs both hot and cold. Ramika is a type B Tsundere. Or one that is more Dere-Dere than Tsun-Tsun. It comes from tsun- meaning tough. Dere- meaning sweet.

So and ends in Re- This a very dirty joke what Issaku whispered is Sore-Kore which translates into this and that, ahem, younger readers really should beware in my writing.

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