Charley Salt hurried across the concrete to her car. It had been one hell of a long day and all she wanted to do now was get home and curl up in bed. She shook her head to get most of the rain water out of it and then let out a little shriek when someone spoke from the shadows.

"Excuse me, love?" Charley turned, her car keys at the ready to slash any would be attacker. She frowned in confusion, the voice had been low and husky, almost masculine but the figure was a little old lady almost bent double. Charley relaxed and lowered her keys.


"I am very lost. I'm trying to get to Coldean." Charley raised her eyebrows; they were in the middle of Brighton town centre and at least thirty minutes away from Coldean. Charley lived along the Lewes Road and could at least give the poor woman a lift that far.

"I can take you half way and then call you a cab?" suggested Charley. The old woman beamed and climbed into the back of the car.