Extended summer by BigKidatHeart

A warm breeze blows by

Making one believe that turkey day is anything but nigh.

The temp is near eighties.

The warmth hits my back and I think . "yes, more please"

I wear my semi-thick sweater

And yet it feels like only the start of summer

Yet leaves are dappling the ground

Soon there shall be nothing but naked trees for miles around

The streets and walkways are the same, yet piles of leaves crop up every few blocks or so

Might take advantage now cause soon enough they will be under lots of snow.

It may seem like the perfect weather for smoothies

However it's slowly getting cold enough for bangs and locks of hair to freeze

There are some signs of what's on it's way.

The days seem to end earlier each day.

The winds blowing are becoming nippier each week

So it's warmer clothes and gloves that you seek.

I reeeeeeaaaallly want this extended summer weather to last

But it seems it must go to other part parts of the world. BLAST!

We all love the weather that reminds of of the summer .

Alas time to get ready for weather much colder.

Dang it! what a bummer

Sunday, October 9, 2011