The door opens and yet another detective comes. There three already here! Why would another one need to be here? Whatever, it just means I'm going to have to repeat my story. For the tenth time. I wonder if they think I'm a suspect. Probably. I was the last person to see her.

"Troy," Detective, whatever the fuck his name is, says, his voice pulling me from my train of thought. "This is detective William and he would like to hear your story." He says, confirming an earlier thought. The video camera right in front of me is always recording. They probably use it for a couple reasons. To watch over again to look for any small facial movements that will tell them that I'm lying. And to see if my story changes. It doesn't. I know it by heart. I'm not stupid. "Whenever you're ready to start Troy." I can hear a thin layer of hate and disgust in his voice. He thinks I did it, but he can't prove it. That angers him. It would anger me. Oh well, might as well get started.

"I was in my apartment in Queens, laying on my bed and listening to the night life. So, all the sirens and dogs barking. Then the phone rings."


"Hello, Troy speaking." I say into the receiver. I'm sitting on my old bed that I found outside, in my crappy apartment, one foot on my bed the other supporting the phone, which had just rung. I hear some loud noises in the back ground. Glass breaking and shouts of anger. Sounds like Samantha's place. "Samantha, are you alright?" I ask, my voice calm. Someone needs to be calm in a situation like this. It's usually me.

"I…It's Rick again. He…He's mad. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have said anything." Sam always blamed herself when things like this happened. If a hamster died next door she'd blame herself. I hear something getting thrown against a wall. He's seriously pissed. Rick's her abusive, alcoholic boyfriend. He can't keep a job because he's always getting into fights. He's one of the many people that make me sick. "Troy, are you there?" Sam asks, her voice quivering from fear or pain.

"I want you to go into the bathroom and lock the door, but bring some sort of weapon, okay?" She complies and then hangs up. I quickly gather what I need, and I bolt out the door. As I'm running down the stairs I think about what I'm going to do. Should I call the cops? That would be the smart thing to do. But I can't. She's probably been smoking weed again. And I can't destroy her life. Not the woman I love.


"Wait," One of the detectives say, interrupting my beautifully woven story. "I thought you said her boyfriend's name was Tristan." These guys sure are sticking to the usual routine. That's a common trick. Make someone doubt their story, and soon they'll fall apart and confess. I'm smarter than they give me credit for. It helps that they used that trick earlier. But I mustn't disregard their skill. If I'm not careful they will trip me up.

"Nope, I clearly stated Rick. May I continue?" I say, putting a little attitude into my words. One sighs with irritation and signals for to continue. "I drove over to her place, which isn't very far. I could've walked, but in case I needed to take her somewhere fast, I need a car."


Shit, where's twenty four? Twenty two…There it is! I walk up to the door and I knock hard. Intimidation is a key part in any fight. "I know you're in there! Now open this fucking door!" I shout. I can't help smiling. Even I scared myself. I sound pissed. I bang the door again. The door opens, but before I can burst in, Samantha jumps out and grasps me. She's crying. My shirt is quickly drenched. "Samantha, are you alright?" I ask. I pull her away from me, but her hair is matted to her face from all the tears. I gently brush her hair away. Her left eye is badly bruised and her forehead is cut. It's not bad. I can just put a band-aid on that. My jaw tightens. "Is he still here?" My eyes looking over her head for any sign that he hasn't left. "I will make that bastard pay." Samantha says nothing. She can't. I take her back into my arms and I guide her inside. I look around the place. He's not here.

After about fifteen minutes of trying to calm Sam down, she finally stops sobbing. "I'm so sorry Troy. I shouldn't have asked you to come. I'm just wasting your time."

"Don't say that. There's nowhere I'd rather be then here with you. That way I know you're safe." I say. A smile appears on her bruised face. "So, what did happen?"

Her smile quickly disappears. "I…I don't want to talk about it. I'm sorry. It's just…" She trails off. She tucks in her legs and crosses her arms. She's playing defensive now. I asked too soon. I'm such a fool. "Can I ask you something? It's not something bad. It's more like a favor." She asks, avoiding my eyes. I nod. "Can you…Stay the night?" A smile spreads across my face. "Not like that dumbass." She laughs, biting her lower lip. She wants me.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go to work in half an hour. I've been late the last two nights, I can't be late again or I'll be fired. I'm sorry." I mutter. Her face falls. "I can only stay for a few more minutes. I just wanted to make sure you were safe." She looks into my eyes. She's trying to tell me she's not okay, that she needs me here. "I'm sorry. I really am. I must leave." I slide towards, wanting a hug goodbye. She jumps of the couch and runs to her room. Before she closes the door I hear her burst into tears again. "I'm sorry." I say to nothing.


"And then I left." I finish my story. My hands locked together on the table. A couple of the detectives left during my retelling of the story. I didn't mind. Hearing it five times would be quite annoying. "Now, I've told you what happened several times. It's been twenty four hours. You can't hold me any longer without any evidence. And if you did have evidence I wouldn't be telling you the story again. So, if you'll excuse me gentlemen. I must take my leave. Have a great day." I stand up from my chair, and I walk quickly to the door. It takes a few moments before one of the detectives will let me out.

"We will catch you. Bet on it." I look at the detective who said. It was an old, burly man. No hair. Divorced.

"I don't bet on things I know won't happen." With those final words I take my leave. Wondering if I missed anything. Oh well. We'll just have to find out.


Two weeks later he was still their first suspect, but he was ruled innocent for lack of evidence. He walked a free man. After many TV interviews, where he stated that he 'Did not do it,' And that he 'Loved her more than anything else," He finally told a news reporter what he says really happened. He told the truth simply because he was bored. Troy Higgins stated that when Samantha went into her bedroom, he took a knife from the kitchen and then kicked in her door. He stabbed her several times. He said "I feel no remorse for what I did. Did I love her? Yes. I still do, but I wanted her to feel at peace, and she would only feel that if she broke up with Rick. She would've never done that. So the only way left was through death. So I killed." Later that day the police arrested him. He received the death penalty. Death by lethal injection. His last words were "I love you Samantha."


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