This was just a though on a story. I haven't got past here yet. I plan on getting back to it soon, as for now its still just a lingering thought.

An Accidental Miracle

"What the hell are you doing?" He didn't need to look up from his computer to know who was speaking to him, the only person rude enough to barge in without knocking was her, and to question his actions in his own room? Really she had no manners at all. "Watching porn, why?" She rolled her eyes, he was either lying to make her leave or was honestly just a pervert, who watches porn right before dinner I mean seriously now. She crawled in bed next to him, propping herself on her elbows to face him and to avoid seeing what was on his computer just in case he was serious. Trying to distract him from the smut on his computer she spoke.

"Why the hell are you watching porn?" She finally asked when he kept ignoring her. "'Cause I'm horny, why else." He admitted finally looking at her, "And you being here isn't really helping things." He kissed her nose and turned back to watching the movie on his laptop. "Your all horny 'cause you're watching porn" she rolled her eyes closing his laptop and rubbing her lips against his. "Nah its 'cause my girlfriend likes to tease me all day, and I get all excited for nothing." He regretted his words immediately when she looked away guilty. he was an idiot for saying that, but he was currently thinking with the wrong head, he had to fix it quick, she didn't need to feel guilty about her morals. "But your worth it, so I deal with it."she smiled at his last comment.

She knew thats how he really felt though he never said it. there were plenty of times where they were kissing or messing around and he had to leave, because he had trouble stopping himself from doing what he really wanted. she secretly loved that he was waiting for him, but she finally found the confidence to stop being so shy. she hesitated before she finally spoke..."Maybe I can help ya..." she let the sentence hang in the air before she kissed him again laying her head on his chest. "And how is that" he raised an eyebrow at her words. She could feel his words vibrate through his chest, making her smile, she loved cuddling with him.

She loved everything about him, but she would never tell him that because he would just get a big head about it. She knew why she came in here, she knew what he was up to, alone in his room so early. She was finally gonna make her move today. She actually read up and even as embarrassing as it was she asked her friends for tips. A normal couple would of done things other kiss over the 2 years they've been dating, but not them, she had goals and he respected that. He never pressured her, or brought anything up, and he became best friends with his lap top and hands.

"Close your eyes." He raised an eye brow skeptically, but finally complied after a minute. She straddled his hips and the minute she did his eyes popped open. She growled "I said close them" he rolled his eyes and closed them again. She reached down and started to unbutton his shirt. And while she was doing it, he peeked an eye open again. She growled again and hit him in the face with a nearby pillow. "No peeking!" She squeaked, he chuckled at her reaction. She laid a trail of kisses down his neck to his chest and down his stomach while she unbuttoned his pants and stopped when she noticed the bulge she would soon be releasing. "Babe? What are you doin-?" He gasped and practically ripped his pillow off his face to make sure he was feeling what he thought he was. *well this was unexpected* he wasn't sure if he was more surprised or excited by the fact his shy little girlfriend was pleasing him in a way he would of never imagined. Afterwards he couldn't keep his hands off of her, all he wanted to do is make her feel as good as he did right now. He kissed her hungrily, pushing her on to her back. "Since you were so generous dear allow me to return the favor..."

So theres the beginning, I'll be updating this soon because my true thoughts for this story is fresh in my mind. -chesxca