The assassin threw back his head in laughter, pouring the remaining contents of his glass down his throat.

He sighed contentedly at the slight burn of the alcohol slipping down.

"You might wanna slow down there, Sarge," Ty commented, downing the rest of his own mug.

"And you, my friend," The assassin said, wrapping the arm that still held his glass around Ty's shoulders, "are a hypocrite."

Ty looked down at his own ale. "I take pride in that fact," he grinned before tipping the tankard back.

Syd laughed, shaking his head at the two of them, but was trying to hide behind his own mug. He didn't want the older boys to see his face.

"Watch it there, kid," The assassin said without so much of a glance in his direction.

"How do you always know, Boss?"

"He knows everything," Ty told him. "You get used to it."

"Let's just celebrate," the assassin said, lifting his mug. "To a job well done!"

The others mirrored his motion and they all three drank. Ty called the young waitress over to have all their glasses refilled. Money was no issue tonight. The assassin had been paid well for the feat he had just completed.

Suddenly the front door the tavern was thrown open. "They got him!" a man yelled, running inside, his face flushed from running. "The assassin who killed the king! He's behind bars!"

"I wasn't aware I was in prison," the assassin said, looking at Ty next to him.

"Seems to be a quite comfortable cell, doesn't it?"