Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Issabelle. On very nice day, the princess decided to go out for a walk with her awesome pet python, Ria.

At about noon, she started to get hungry. So Issabelle and Ria sat down under a huge orange tree for lunch. Issabelle opened up her picnic basket and accidentally bonked the tree. Then a huge orange fell out of the tree and landed on Rias head and rolled to the ground.

"Oh my!" shouted Issabelle, "are you okay, my little Ria?" she asked. But of course the snake couldn't answer her, so instead she just nodded her head a few times. Then Ria nosed up to the orange and shoved it towards Issabelle. "hmm… I wonder what made the orange stop rolling before it hit me…" she pondered as she finished her delicious lunch.

When the duo finished eating, they returned to the caste where the princess lived. Once inside, the princess bolted up the 12 flights of stairs to her room and rushed in.

She then went over to the corner, and did a very special knock, to the rhythm of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. As soon as Issabelle finished knocking, her beloved pet bear, Baramashooka, opened up the door by stepping on a button that pulled the door.

Issabelle rushed into the secret room, which was really a science laboratory. "Hows my favorite bear doing today?" the young woman asked her bear. She always asked her pets questions, but they never answered her. "Good. Now I have an experiment to do." Issabelle went on, as if the bear had answered her.

So the princess set to work figuring out why the orange slowed down when it rolled. After hours of frustrating dead ends, she decided to head down to the kitchen and fetch some oranges, eggs, tomatoes, and grapes.

Once she procured the foodstuffs, she sprinted back up the 120 stairs to her room to start her tests. She went into the secret room again, after once again having the bear open the door, and ran over to the table in the center. At the table, she lined up a tomato right on the edge and then pushed it across the table.

"Interesting… the tomato kept rolling,until it fell off, then it slowed on the carpet. I wonder why…" she kept working, with that question in her thoughts.

With a sudden burst of inspiration, she hastily grabbed a pen and paper. She wrote "An object will keep moving until it cant. It will stay in motion, until something makes it stop, such as friction or another object." Amazed at her brilliant breakthrough, she treated herself to an incredible dinner.

The next morning, princess Issabelle woke up and she felt very sciencey. So she got up and ate some oranges for breakfast.

Issabelle decided to do another scientific test today. But first, she would have to take Ria for her daily walk.

When the princess and her python returned, Isabelle set to work. "Today," she started, "I will find out, why, when I push a grape and an orange with the same amount of force, the grape goes faster and farther than the orange.

So she grabbed a grape and an orange and held them each in one hand. "well, the orange weighs considerably more than this grape, maybe that has to do with it."

In order to test her theory of weight affecting speed, she picked up two oranges. She pushed them both with an equal amount of force, and they both went the same speed and distance. Then she did the same with the grapes, and got the same result.

Since the oranges rolled at the same speed, and the grapes rolled the same speed, Issabelle decided it had to be weight. But just to be extra sure, she grabbed both oranges and both grapes and put them all on the tile part of the lab.

Then she pushed them all at the same time with the same force. The grapes rolled farther and faster than both of the oranges. She took this to mean her theory was correct.

Princess Issabelle realized, though, that she would need a more appropriate way of stating her discovery than "heavy things go slow, light things go fast." So she came up with the formula acceleration=force mass to properly explain her discovery.

"Hello there!" said the princess to her black bear, "How are you today?"

Issabelle sat up in her bed. To get all the way up, she put one hand flat on her bed and pushed down, and she rose up. "How interesting…" she said quietly to herself, "me pushing down on my bed, pushed me up. Why did I go up, instead of my bed going down?" she then asked herself, he r curious side once again taking the controls.

So for the rest of the morning, she kept walking up to random things and pushing off of them. Sometimes the object moved, but most of the time, the princess was pushed back.

"I guess when I push on something that doesn't move, I move instead. The force I push into, say, the wall, just bounces back at me and thrusts me the opposite way that I pushed." Ria nodded her head in agreement.

"Maybe… 'Shooka, bring me those oranges." Issabelle commanded her bear. So the bear kicked the oranges over to the princess, them stopping at her feet. "Thanks." And she gave Baramashooka a treat.

After a few seconds, the princess had the oranges set up perfectly. She and Ria were going to push them at the same time, and the oranges would collide. "3, 2, 1, PUSH!" Issabelle squealed. And the oranges were moving! They hit each other exactly where they were supposed to and each one bounced backwards, pushing off each other and flying away. "That's what I thought would happen…" the stunning lady shrieked with joy.

"Now lets try something a little different." And once more, the princess set up the oranges, but instead put one of them right in the middle. "Now don't touch that orange." Issabelle commanded.

And then Princess Issabelle shoved the orange near the edge. The orange rocketed across the table, hit the other orange and then slowed to a stop while the other orange launched off the table. "How fun!" the princess squealed "I was so right!" she continued, "Everything I do has a perfectly equal reaction. So, every time there is an action, there is an equal reaction, but going the other way. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction!"

"Hello." a strange man said as he walked through the door and into the princess' chambers. "How are you today, sir?" he asked the young lady.

"How rude! I am Princess Issabelle and am definitely NOT a sir!" stated the angry woman standing at odds with the stranger in her room.

"No. You are not a princess. You are not even a woman. You are Sir Isaac Newton." the man calmly replied.


"You do not have a castle, Isaac. This is an insane asylum. Not a castle." then there was a long pause, as the strange man stood and stared at the fuming princess. "You are insane."