as of right now the plan is to keep this story rated T but that is not for sure as i am still in the processes of writing it with my co-author

Lust (noun) – desire - the strong physical desire to have intercourse with somebody, usually without associated feelings of love or affection

Desire – a longing for something

Lust among her kind was common. After all, to be a demon was to be intimate with the seven deadly sins. And when Jezebeth saw Him for the first time, she knew she had to have him beneath her. However little did she know that for this sin she would actually conceive a child and give birth to a mixed breed. Children of demons were so rare that they were celebrated. She could only imagine what kind of punishment would await her if the Princes of Hell discovered she had conceived a half human child.

Jezebeth grunted in pain as the contractions wracked her body. The baby was coming now; there was no stopping it once it had started. She looked up sweat dripping down the side of her face and watched as the sun touched the western sky sending a kaleidoscope of colors across the horizon and the moon began its ascent into the now darkening sky. For a brief moment they touched, crossing each other's path, creating a solar eclipse. She screamed for the only time bringing a baby girl into the world.

Jezebeth felt nothing but horror as she looked upon her daughter for the first time. The infant who was already unearthly beautiful had a cap of straight coal black hair with a single streak of blond on her head and long black lashes rested against lightly golden bronzed skin.

"I will name you Pandora," she said out loud. "I will teach you to unleash horrors upon this world but keep all that might be good locked deep inside."

The child stirred in her embrace and Jezebeth gasped in surprise as Pandora opened her eyes for the first time. One brown eye, so dark it was almost black, and one ocean blue eye stared up at her in wonder. A shudder crept down her back as the baby eyes, which followed her, watched her with more knowledge and wisdom than an infant should have. Jezebeth looked the child over carefully and only noticed one other distinctive mark upon her body: a birthmark on her hand between her thumb and index finger of her right hand, though what shape it would become only time would tell.

Jezebeth sighed to herself; no one would know the truth of her child's heritage. Jezebeth would go to her grave swearing Pandora was a full demon.