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Chapter one - Pandora

The war between angels and demons grew worse every year. It had gone on long before I was born and would probably not end till long after many of us were dead. My mother said that the angels wanted to control the universe, for God to sit back and do nothing. However, if Lucifer was ruler we would all finally be at peace. Human kind would be punished immediately for their sins instead of waiting for the "free will" clause to kick in.

Free will, I snort rolling my eyes, was the biggest lie in the universe. It was God's excuse not to have to do anything. Like a parent who refuses to discipline his children because they don't want to be the bad guy. Not that I minded at all; humans did the most delicious things because of freewill. In fact, I was lying in the middle of a bank shoot out. Murder and mayhem were my two most favorite things to start out a day. Next was lust and anger… not that I would be returning to that portion of my day anytime soon. Having been one of the shooters first victims I was going to have to play wounded or dead human for a while. I sighed wishing the whole standoff was over with. It was starting to get boring. I wish he would just get shot or kill himself already, the sobbing of his regret was grating on my nerves.

"I didn't mean to go this far. I just needed money for my family," he sobbed over my bleeding body. "I'm so sorry. please forgive me?"

I looked up at him, my dual colored eyes cold and lifeless, "why should I? God will not for you have broken one of the 10 commandments: thou shall not kill."

He sobbed louder, "but you're not dead yet."

I smiled a look of pure evil and willed my body still expelling my last breath. I laid there to humankind no matter what test they might perform upon me for all intents and purposes I was dead. Even though I really wasn't being a demon had loads of benefits and as I watched my "killer" put the gun against his head being front row to free will, one of god's best mistakes, was one of them.

I laid there for hours, this was one of my least favorite parts to playing the victim having to wait for the investigation and then for the crime scene investigators to show up along with the coroner to pronounce me officially dead. Then, they had to put me in a body bag and wheel me out into the coroners van and then take me down to the city morgue. I figured this would be a good time to take a nap but the sounds of the traffic around me and the bumps in the road kept me awake. Wish I could just get to the morgue for Uphir the demon physician to clear my body for its return to the underworld.

Soon the van turned and came to a stop and I knew that we were almost there. The sound of doors opening and shutting and I could feel my body being guided out of the vehicle on the stretcher voices murmured over my body bag and a cramp formed in the back of my leg from lying still for so long. The pain I could handle the mind numbing stillness could be tolerated hell even the intensive boredom could be lived through but if I didn't get out of this bag soon things were going to head down hill very quickly. I hate being in enclosed spaces for long periods of time it was a punishment my mother and her lover Pyro were quite fond of using upon me.

The stretcher came to a halt and the voices were now directly over me. "Gunshot victim and the shooter who committed suicide from the bank hold up earlier. "The driver said. "Transit was delayed due to a car accident on the interstate."

"Well at least you know where your next pick up is already," a higher pitched voice laughed. I listened as the voices moved farther away from me and sensed another presence over me. The zipper began to open and light slowly crept into the bag. Still remaining limp and motionless the assistant whose name tag read Zeke slowly peeled the bag out from underneath me. With careful and gentle movements he removed my clothing, shoes and personal belongings. Strong hands brushed my hair away from my face and lowered my eyelids closed. There was a kindness to Zeke indicating he was not demon in fact he lifted me with graceful effortlessness that was not even human and laid me down on an examining table.

The sound of water started above my head and the warm spray of it rinsed the sweat and blood off my body. The spray returned to my torso and then to my head as the warmth of the water rinsed my hair strong yet tender fingers worked the knots slowly from my currently red hair. My demon magic could transform my appearance I could hide the shape and size of my body, the natural color of my hair and skin tone but nothing would change the color of my eyes or the single blond streak running through my hair. I felt his hands hesitate over the single streak could almost feel his thoughts as he held the lock of hair but his duty won over his curiosity as I felt him return to rinsing and then towel drying my hair. The water shut off above my head and I felt this Zeke lean over me

"You're as clean as I can make you the doctor will be in to take a look at you shortly." He chatted softly to my still form.

If I had not been playing dead I would have rolled my eyes, just my luck I get the creepy morgue attendant who talks to himself and the dead bodies. It always crept me out, as if he expected them to answer. I wonder how he would react if I sat up. I felt something draped over me and Zeke said, "you might want to cover yourself I doubt you want to be seen by the doctor completely naked." my eyes popped open and I shot straight up.

He laughed his voice a deep rumbling in his chest, "hello there love, bout time you opened those pretty eyes. We haven't been formally introduced my name is Ezekiel."

My jaw dropped in shock Ezekiel was the name of the angel of death "You… you...," I stuttered struggling for words as I wrapped the sheet around myself.

"You devilishly handsome man, Is that what you are trying to say? Or perhaps you had me at hello darling take me to your bed," he winked mischievously.

"No, I was thinking along the lines of you pervert but I see that already applies seeing as you're an angel and your used to watching people when they are naked and exposed." I snarled.

He chuckled looking me over from head to toe stepping closer to me in my nudeness, "I've been called worse from far less beautiful ladies of your kind. However you would think that your species wouldn't be so prude about getting stripped down and washed."

I growled baring a set of perfect white teeth, "oh I don't mind getting stripped down and taken advantage of if the moment is right. I'm appalled that it was your filthy angel hands that touched my body."

"Odd," he grinned, "most women beg for me to put my hands on them."

"Only the dead ones," I snapped back at him.

"Luv, you wound me," moving even closer to me the sound of his laugh, stirring something deep inside of me. I swallowed harshly better to stand here and die if he struck me than to back away from him and live only to face the punishment and humiliation if others found out. He closed the final distance between us our bodies almost touching he brought his hand him and his fingers hovered in the air next to my face almost touching my cheek.

"You have the most familiar eyes," he mused in wonder.

I let out a breath I didn't even know I had been holding. "My eyes are familiar? Angel boy please whatever it is that you have been smoking you had better lay off cause it sounds like one hell of a trip your on."

His eyes searched deep into mine for an answer I couldn't give him with a blink I willed my form back to its natural state. There was no reason anymore to be disguised anymore. Besides I liked my real look even if it did label me as other. As something unnatural even amongst the demons I enjoyed how uncomfortable I made others feel with my appearance. Not just the humans and angels but the demons too they feared what they didn't know and I relished in that fear. However, with Zeke I felt no fear only curiosity and wonder much like a child.

I swallowed again slightly nauseated and unsure of what to do. He wasn't trying to attack me but he wasn't afraid of me either. It was a situation I had never found myself in before. However, he was my enemy, to not attack him would label me an angel sympathizer and I would not take that punishment ever.

Slapping his hand away from my face I bared my teeth again, "I thought I told you that you touching me is appalling. Unless you want to lose a limb I would suggest never trying to do it again."

He moved in his lips a hairsbreadth away from mine. "Darling, I'd like to do more than touch you and a loss of a limb just might be worth it to do so."

Behind him the morgues door opened and Zeke backed away from me a cocky grin already forming on his handsome face.

"Pandora, baby, what brings you to my lair?" Uphir the demon physician asked.

"Uphir, you know me reeking havoc amongst the humans as per usual." I smiled slyly at the body on the table. His eyes followed mine taking in the empty bag first and then the full one.

"That one your handy work?"

"Of course," I purred staring at Zeke's face. "You know the best victims are the ones you let take their own lives."

Zeke who had been holding my gaze up until that moment looked away from me a shudder going down his spine. I smiled in satisfaction I had won he finally feared me. Keeping Zeke in my sight, I turned to Uphir. "It was a good day for me but I did get caught in the crossfire. I was wondering if you would help a girl out?" I asked sweetly.

"For you doll face anything, just hop up on the table and I'll get my tools." He grinned. Uphir had a weird fetish for digging into flesh which was probably a good thing he was the demon doctor after all. But it went even deeper than that he had gone on to mortal medical school so he could work on the human dead as well. While he washed and worked on getting things ready, I turned my attention back to Zeke. He had moved over to the other body and began prepping it in much the same way as he had mine.

Uphir moved in front of me catching my attention, helping me lay down on the table and began pulling bullet fragments from my torso. I turned my head focusing out the pain and watched Zeke finish rinsing the body off he put his hands on both sides of the man's face a light formed around his hands and I could hear him speaking softly in Latin. I hate Latin, it was one of my worst languages but I was able to make out a little of what he was saying,

"…may god forgive you for your sins from this moment I release thee from thy mortal body to move on to your final resting place."

The bright light encompassed the body and I watched as his spirit rose from his mortal form to stand next to Zeke. He looked around the room and his eyes stopped on me his face frowning in confusion.

"What is your name?"Zeke asked in his pure angelic form. I turned my eyes away from him true angelic forms were hard for my kind to look upon for long periods of time.

"Um, its Simon," he said, "I don't understand I thought she was dead." He pointed at me and Zeke shook his head.

"She is not human and has tricked you into committing a sin against our God. For that my child I am so very sorry. He above forgives much, but in this sin you will be denied entrance in to heaven. Nor will you even see the gates that Saint Peter guards." Behind Simon a portal opened it was dark and sinister and I knew immediately that the gates of Hell had been opened and a hooded being stepped out of it.

The stranger spoke softly as he pulled down his hood revealing a striking face with long black hair, "instead I am afraid you will have to come with me. There has been a special place reserved for you in Hell."

He took Simon by the shoulders and pulled him into the portal. Simon tired to fight but it was useless against a demon and not just any demon but Samael the demon Angel of Death after all no one can fight death. Sam looked back and nodded at Zeke and though he was somber, Zeke nodded back as he faded back into his human form.

I watched in awe in my whole existence I had never before seen and angel and demon work together before. We had places of neutrality but this was different it wasn't just a coexistence it was almost like they held a mutual respect for each other, like a brother in arms, a comradely. Then Sam was gone and Zeke looked at me all seriousness striped from his face and a crooked smile on his lips.

I turned away his smile stirred things deep within me that I did not recognize and I swallowed quickly the rising panic. I turned my attention instead to the sound of bullet fragments hitting the inside of a metal collection bowl.

"Well that's the last of them," Uphir said merrily. "You know you always bring me the most fun things to do when you visit." Uphir moved his hand over my skin, using his demon powers to seal up my wounds and partially heal them. They looked weeks old instead of hours and itched like crazy. He never healed anyone but the princes' completely but he always seemed to heal me a bit more than the others. But as I said earlier he enjoyed cutting into people and I always seemed to end up on his table with him cutting into me. (Must be why he likes me so much.)

Being partially healed was way better than having to wait for my natural healing powers to kick in. It took me twice as long as other demons my age and class to heal all the way. My mother Jezebeth said it was because I was weak and worthless my blood was thin instead of strong and proud like hers. That I needed to work twice as hard at being a demon or the princes would torture me for my ineptitude. She was just jealous though I was already ranked higher than other demons that had been around longer; including a few of her companions.

So each visit to earth I came up with a more dramatic and cunning way to help the little humans' sin thus making me a stronger and more important demon.

Sin, oh how I love that word. The way it rolls around in your mouth. S…I…N… the word itself was pleasure on my tongue.

Uphir touched my hand helping me to stand bringing my thoughts back to the present. He grinned happily like a child who had just gotten a piece of candy and moved behind me. I turned around to ask him for some clothing only to see the morgue door swinging closed. I let out a frustrated sigh gripping the sheet around me, Zeke stepped in front of me t-shirt and jeans in hand.

"Doubt you wanted to walk about naked. Not that I would mind if you did luv," he teased.

"Are you demented? Sick in the head perhaps?" I snapped grabbing the clothing against me. He shook his head with a grin. "Then you must have a death wish. We are immortal enemies I'd sooner stab you in the neck than have you gawking at me." Punctuating every word that spilled out of my mouth with an angry step forwards.

Zeke grabbed my forearms pulling me against his firm lean body roughly and I paled slightly as reacted to him. "Don't ever forget what I truly am Pandora, but I am more than the angel you see. I live on both sides because I deal in death. I take no sides in the war just like your demon Samuel. We exist for our own purpose and not for the fight over who rules the earth and humankind. We take care of the poor souls that get caught in the crossfire."

His grip tightened and I didn't know it was possible but he held me firmly against him a slow sexy smile sliding across his lips, causing me to lick mine involuntarily, "but if you want to go a couple of rounds with me hand to hand darlin' I'd be more than happy to oblige you. Besides I kinda like you Pandora." He murmured his eyes locked on my lips.

I tried to pull back but was trapped in his embrace like a vice grip, like prey caught in a trap I watched his lips descend down on mine. Helpless to stop him and deep down I discovered a part of me that didn't want to fight him that same part of me lifted my head to meet his lips. I scowled at him silently cursing myself for enjoying the way our bodies fit together. In this moment lust was not my friend for I had no idea what would happen to me for lusting after an Angel. I could only imagine what level of hell I would be sent to for this crime or what my punishment could be but in that moment it didn't matter all that mattered was the feel of his lips on mine.

A kiss that was unlike any other I had ever felt before, gentle but searching, passionate but possessive. As if his lips weren't just claiming mine like but claiming a part of me as well, Marking me as his. Stunned he broke away and our breath came in hot breaths between us. Slowly he released my arms the clothes which had been forgotten were on the floor between us. My sheet which barely covered anything anyway was sliding down my body.

I exhaled slowly backing away from Zeke. With a flick of my wrist, I summoned the clothing off the floor into my hand and with a thought transferred the clothing to my body. Without a spoken word I summoned a portal and stepped backwards into it Leaving Zeke, the morgue and whole strange and odd situation behind me; hopefully.