Escaping Family

What -really- changes

A human mind?

Not a single soul outside the family,

My family,

And their always, forever, and never ending chatter of collegeuniversitygoodgrades and loveromanticentanglementsrelationships

Not a tear spilt by mother, nor a threat made by brother would STOP me

Laugh at me now, preciouseloving family,

So perfectgreatamazing at ALL you do!

Laugh at me now, call me evilcrazymanic,

The badrottingspoiled egg, the poorsadconflicted child.

Why would I not be content to stay here with such

A lovelyendearingperfect kin?

With their hearts full

Of bravery and fake()fits of passionate(rough) love(lust).

Would that lock that makes me stay here

break so easily if I were to try and force it open?

Or, would they find me in the morning, deadalonepalid,

Caused to go by the shadow of this fever

called trickscornpoints and deceitliesfakes,

also known as familykinclan,

passing over the body of the lost daughter

dissolving into her core and becoming lost within her

Causing false -guilt-.

How could my dreamswisheshopeslongings of

Escaping family and my final release from my chainsbondslocks

Never to be brought back to my cagekennelboxcarriercellprison

Or, should I rather let myself drain

Out my lifeforce instead.

Poison will falter

a knife and a strong willed hand will not

Will I lose my sight first?

Or, maybe my touch?

Or, my ability to hear?







Nothing will change in that respect

My mind this moments,

is not alive . . .