That face's the one I love most
(pretty face, adorable, and
the one I love so much)
But it's the one I hate the most
(because I know that it's a face of someone
who will never, ever be mine)

That voice's the one I love so much
(your voice, it's one of words
that allowed me to breathe again)
Yet it's the voice I hate the most
(because I know it's the voice that
will never say the three words I want to hear)

I love the way you move the most
(so joyful, a committed athlete
who runs for her goals and what she wants)
But I hate the way you move the most
(because the place you run to will not be me,
it's always someone else, never me)

I love the melody you touch with your fingers on the piano
(that tranquil sound and beautiful image still
lives on in my heart and memory)
but I hate that as well,
(because we both know that the person you're playing for
definitely isn't me, so I can stop hoping)

Love, love, I love you for everything you are
I love every aspect of you,
from the smallest atom to the biggest systems,
but what I love the most, is your smile:
So please smile, for the Heavens, for yourself,
for your friends and family, but not for me;
because I know your mouth muscles
malfunction the second I appear.
(I love you;
like how I sing to the sound of your lullaby,
in the whispers of despair
and shadows of the praying happiness)