This is just ridiculous!

Why didn't they put a penny in the meter, nowadays?

Now I have to put my washing out in the dark.

I can't take the dog out for a walk in total darkness!

Why on earth did no one think to put a penny in the meter?

I know we're busy nowadays but didn't anyone think to pay the sun to come out?

Don't say there aren't enough hours in the day! There are 24!

That's plenty enough time to put a penny in the meter.

Just look at America! They have the sun all the time because they put a dime in the meter.

Don't get me started on Australia, Jamaica and Ibiza! Bunch of sun worshippers.

No wonder some Brits run away, we like the sun here too you know.

Little kids are scared of the dark, so please put a penny in the meter.

Make the sun shine bright with a penny in the meter.

That way we won't get loads of bugs come Autumn and Winter.

It seems completely silly not to pay the sun,

After all it works hard for its penny.

It stands there day after day (in warm countries),

Can you imagine how exhausting that is to just stand there day after day?

Of course the moon stands in but who cares about him?

All he does is chat up the stars while the sun has no one.

So if you give a penny to the meter, the sun will have someone (even if they're tiny) to talk too.

So before you go to sleep at night, put a penny in the meter.

Let the sun come out tomorrow with a big smile on her face.