I feel hollow

Like the bullet speeding towards my heart

I should have put some distance between us from the start

It's all my fault, but you're to blame

There can be no winner in this game

Things may get better, may stay the same

I'll worry about it tomorrow

I feel so close

That it's almost too far

To see things for what they really are

Or maybe I see them the way they're meant to be seen

And I just don't realize I've been caught in between

And every detour on the way was naught but a dream

I'll worry about it tomorrow

I feel full

Of what I don't know

Good or bad, we must continue the show

Smiles and chuckles must not leave our faces

We're on in five minutes, we must take up our places

And cover up all the dark empty spaces

I'll worry about it tomorrow

I feel so far

That it's almost too close

I can't see the fire but I'm smelling the smoke

Eyes tearing up and I'm starting to choke

Am I, are you, are we just part of the joke?

Or are we just two normal, down-to-Earth folk?

I'll worry about it tomorrow.