The Celestials

Mira: Alright first story wish me luck!

Prologue: Yoko McCloud

My name is Yoko McCloud,

I am a second year high school student in Lacirima, Japan,

I'm a normal girl or, at least… I thought so,

I'm not really sure what is going on with me, one day a wake with a Virgo tattoo on my thigh, I am not even a Virgo!

That aside, I have different questions other than, 'What is the square route of 40?'

I have questions like, "Why is this tattoo on my thigh?", "Why didn't I die when I was in that accident?"

"Why did someone kill my sister?"

See those questions and the first are very different in comparison.

I have a feeling that my questions will be answered soon, and when they are answered, the answers will lead to new questions, ones that have answers that are harder to find.

My name is Yoko McCloud,

I will get answers to my questions,

I will figure out what is going on with me,

I swear it.

Mira: Alright I know it's short but it's a prologue so yeah