The Celestials

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Chapter 5: The Carrier of Scorpio

"I can't believe that after so long I couldn't tell you were a Celestial, Yoko." Aya stated quite frustrated actually, "I guess the first time we resonated, it wasn't a cramp…"

"Umhm, who was your partner back there, obviously it was a boy." I asked

"Ahahaha, uhh, about that, it's really funny, you'll probably laugh, It's-"

"HELLO BEAUTIFUL!" it only took a second to identify who that voice belonged to.

"KENJI?! WHA- WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" I yelled, this is 3rd period, he is definitely not supposed to be here.

"I switched classes just so I could be with you, Nee-san." The 'Nee-san' threw me over the edge, in 2 seconds flat, I had him in a strangle hold, of course the it's the ONE DAY that stupid teacher decides to show early.

"McCloud-san, what on Earth are you doing!" he yelled, I dropped Kenji as soon as I heard that horribly nasally voice

'Nice Going' I hear, from Virgo, as if she somehow thought that I didn't already want to punch someone's face in.

"I eating a candy bar and started choking, so Yoko, being the life saver she is, helped me out a bit." Kenji said so sweetly, at almost made me think he was an innocent kid, instead of the stupid pervert he is. But, that was the one thing I actually liked about him, he would say or do anything to make sure I didn't get in trouble for trying to beat the shit out of him.

"Okay then," that freakishly nasally voice rung again.

- h-

I kept trying to ask Aya who her partner was that she was fighting with the other night, but there was no one to distract Kenji from going into full on perv mode today, so im pretty sure you can guess the only thing that happened so far was me getting agitated and distracted by Kenji, That kid really bothers me.

_ l-

"Have you figured out who the guy was last week, with Aya?" Hibiki asked as we walk to the warehouse

"No every time I had the chance to ask, stupid Kenji was being stupid Kenji." I said

"Uh, well maybe we'll find out soon.?" He said wanting to change the subject too.

"Yeah, maybe… Uh, hey can you help me with my Japanese homework?" I ask

" If you help me with my English," he said, I could tell he was kidding about the 'if' part but, he definitely needed help with his Language though, I saw his last test grade…


"Again!?" I yelled

We ran and released rushing towards the scene only to see a body, flying at top speed towards us, Leo kicked it making it fly up in the air as it yelping in pain, as I imagined my sword that I had gained in my first battle, slicing its ugly head of as it fell, ironically enough it was Medusa, landing in the arms of none other than Libra, otherwise Aya.

"EWWW! THIS IS DISCUSTING!" she screamed, Its weird that Leo and Hibiki have two different personalities, yet Libra and Aya are EXACTLY the same.

" Nice to meet you again, Im Scorpio." That voice, that very voice I could never ever forget in my life, it haunted my worst nightmares, and now my third period. Scratch Leo and Hibiki having two different personalities, these two were polar opposites.


"Uh-hahaha?" I heard from Aya

"Yoko- san?"

Holy Fuck. I don't think I want him to revert.

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