Drunken Bones.

You're getting heavy in my arms.

This is like running through water:

Travelling at a slower speed,

Being dragged backwards through a waterfall

I feel your dead weight gaze

While we drown in our self deprecating oxygen.

We're trying to light a fire-

It gets extinguished by the wailing wind,

It's telling us to turn and run

Past the awning soaked with aurora light,

I can only fall-

Twisted, with leaves crunching in my hair

Drunk, wickedly out of our minds.

You could spend your days

Staring heatedly at me,

Until my mind turns to ashes-

We're silent shadows melting together

Under the deep midnight sky,

Your violet eyes burn my skin.

Nothing remains anymore:

Just our fading imprints in the grass,

We're all flying, but sick to our broken bones.