I Shed My Tears

I shed my tears.

I hide my face.

You turn away…


Here I stand,

my pain exposed,

your hand outstretched.


Pridefully, I refuse.

Patience unknown,

you persist still.


Your kind words

paralyze me,

my inmost being.


Your gentle concern

stops my heart.

I reconsider…


The determined look

in your blue eyes…

My breath catches.


Your genuine interest,

subtle and obvious.

You've gained my trust.


Like a dear friend

you've pulled out of me

my deepest of feelings.


I uneasily explain.

You listen,

making no verbal comment.


They say actions speak

louder than words.

Well, yours did and do…


That one simple embrace…

Somehow you knew…

nothing more did I need.


Hope restored,

Spirits uplifted,

Somehow I'll make it through.