River Song

Hush my children,

peace and listen.

The rivers and the suns have a story to tell,

only when peace is instilled will they begin.

Of sun and river,

ice and snow.

There are things that even they know not,

secrets they would keep.

So hush children,

the story is spun again.

Tell me what you have lost,

what you have gained?

After all is said and done-

what remains the same?

Lost for so long across the skies,

a deep echo or just a wandering sigh.

But worry not my little ones,

among the stars a new dance begins.

Step one-two,

the wheel begins to turn.

Step three-four,

something gained but lost once more.

Hush children-listen to the song,

hear the remaining sigh.

The rivers and suns have a story to tell-

peace and listen.