I have heard that time can heal all wounds,

But not when it comes to you,

You left a permanent scar,

You laughed at my sorrows,

I cried in silence as you watched me fall.

Was loving someone supposed to have a price to pay?

I guess my punishment is finally figuring out that the pain of loving someone like you never goes away,

I should have gave you back what you gave to me,

You corrupted me, and I stood there, taking the pain you put me through,

I wish I knew then what now my eyes have opened up to see.

The pain is not forgotten,

The truth remains untold,

Yet the lies are clear,

But I'm stronger than to let you see these tears

Streaming down my face,

It's a disgrace,

No matter how hard I try I can't erase

The memory of you.

┬ęCherry Blossom Slushy

2nd October, 2011