One Thing To Hold On To

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A blind woman remembers all that has changed as she leaves the physical realm.

"Trees rise to meet the sky, only stopping when they greet the clouds"

A woman proclaimed to her coworker, after a relaxing weekend away

"The lake is so smooth it is often confused for glass"

A man bragged to his neighbor after an enjoyable day sailing

"Piles of leaves glide through the air like graceful ballerinas"

Children told their friends after their first camping experience

"Our campfire glows a bright orange, replicating a miniature sun"

The daughter tells her mother who is sitting by her side relishing in the warmth

And as the woman gathers in all these descriptions of her life long home

She forms a picture of all that has changed around her since her arrival on Earth

Yet she hears on final comment from an amazed realtor,

"The house is a part of the cliff, creating itself out of the natural rock formation"

And she knows that no matter what has changed during her time her

Or the fact that she can no longer see the way life fluctuates around her

The house has remained constant, and she will never let it go

It is her one thing to hold onto.

And so with this knowledge forever imprinted on her soul

She closes her eyes, and drifts off into a new world unknown.

Author's Note: Written on October 10th 2011. Happy Columbus Day everyone, yes I know the poem is completely unrelated. And in another celebratory moment, I have officially been on FictionPress for over a month now! WooHoo. Hope everyone likes the powm, but even if you didn't all feedback is appreciated! Thank You in Advanced!