I worry for you in the rain,
whenever it rains: I thought of you as
a fragile little girl.
Every time it rains,
I worry and thought of you.
Perhaps it was because
you always wore that jacket on a rainy day,
but sometimes you don't,
I don't want you to fall sick or weak.
I... never worried for someone,
much less a stranger I've not known for a year.
I never think of someone as much:
you're the many firsts I have.
every time I have a crush, I would
tease and bully them but this time,
all I want to do is to protect you from the world
that's bound to hurt you.
yet you're the one protecting me with words.
I didn't want the roles to be turned around,
I wanted to protect someone I love.

Opened lips, I screamed your name in the rain:
In the rain where no one'd hear the terrified cries,
the fear of losing you haunts me every day,
the first thing I think of when I wake up is you,
something that keeps me awake in the middle of the night
just to think of: It's always you.
I can't help it, you're the one I love the most.
Yet, every time I see you...
I see my own past, so don't ask me
why I'd never look you in the eyes-

You should know how much I want
to leave behind my past
and just move on.
So sorry, love:
for whatever reasons, I'm sure my departure
brings a smile to your face.

Smiling, you'd say these words:
"you've finally grown up"-
and in return,
a smile makes its way to my bent lips.
Thank you:
For everything you've done.