I had to write a story for my English class and thought it was pretty good so I decided to post it! Enjoy!

The Cunning King

One day long ago there lived a king. Now this king was a very benign, wise king, who was righteous and treated with respect and reverence among his people. One day as he was walking among his people he came across a very disgruntled man carrying a sword and brandishing a staff with one end on fire at the king. Now, the man with the staff was a very greedy, avarice man who harbored a covetousness towards all. Being a newly arrived citizen to the king's land was unaware as to how the king faced all trouble makers with much cunning and guile. The king stopped and asked the man "What is the meaning of this treachery?"

The foolish man stopped waving his stave around and replied "I want a horse and a bag of money and to be absolved, for I have just committed a crime. If you do this I will not harm you and you shall never see me again." The eminent king thought this through and answered back with "If you are able to knock the sword from my hand then you shall be granted what you ask and never have to see ME again. If you should lose, you will die for threatening your king. The man thought about it and some of the crowd that had gathered tried to dissuade the man from reckoning with their king because they knew of their king's cunning and prowess in battle and in bargaining. Ignoring the warning from the people, the man agreed and came at the king with his sword. In one quick move the king was unarmed.

Thinking he had just bested the king, the man let out a loud laugh and proclaimed mockingly "I have beat you my king, and now grant me all I have asked for. Take no offence, my liege, but I did expect more of an adversary" the man added with a smirk. The king stared with a blank face at the man before him, a grin that almost resembled one of lechery broke out across the kings face "Of course you will be given all that I promised you if you won. You are pardoned from your crimes; bring me a horse and a bag of money and a blade that one of you have recently been whetting" the king called out to one of his servants as he started to move toward the man, insane grin still plastered across his face. The man looked as though his courage had shied away to the very far reaches of the man's eyes, but he stood still, not outwardly daunted of the king. "I must congratulate you on a commendable win" the king said to the man as he passed him to retrieve the items he requested of the servant. He walked up behind the man, who stood stalk still and leaned over and almost purred into the man's ear. "Here are your horse and your money" he said to the man as he reached to the man's hand and gave him the reigns to the beast and the sack of coins. "But let's not forget the last half of our little bargain. You said if you won I would never see you again and I said if you won YOU would never see ME again and you agreed, so I will keep my part of the bargain." And with that, the king lifted the sharpened blade he called for and plunged it into the now shrieking man's eyes. The king looked down on the ground and now sneered at his abominable piece of artwork, which had now seemed to have taken on a rather unhealthy pallor and spat out "You now have money, a horse, and a cleared name, but you are blind and alone. I have prevailed in having you cement your own permanent defeat. Your piteous calls will go unheard and you will be treated like a pestilence, the lowest of the low. Consider what life you have left transitory, fleeting at best." And with that the king departed back to his castle, leaving the man broken and pathetic in the middle of the milling peasants.

The End