We go to clubs, bars, gigs, we become anonymous, showing off our love to the world, not caring what anyone else thinks.

I didn't think it was possible to feel like this, I didn't think it was allowed. I glow like the sky at sunset when I'm with him.

We touch incessantly, hands, bodies, skin on skin, still no sex though but we're getting closer to it. Some days I think I'm going to just explode if we don't do it soon.

Joe's bathroom, the toilets in bars and clubs, I have been intimately acquainted with them all, splattered across the walls, not literally of course.

He's so beautiful, he gets come-ons all the time, girls with gorgeous hair and soft mouths but he'll look away and smile at me, knowingly, like we have captured the

essence of something.

Sometimes he whispers "I love you, I adore you" down the phone before I sleep but most of the time we sleep together, his arms around my chest, his lips to my ear.