Thinking of you

I don't know what to do

Thinking of time

I know I will be fine

But this is my first try

At relationships I usually let by

To think it all started with a game

It was a simple bet that wasn't lame

My emotions are losing control

Of who I am so I'll take a stroll

I need time to think of what I must do

Should I confront myself and you?

I've always let myself reject attention

But I guess now is the time for me to take action

I'll tell you how I feel in private

Please just listen for at least a minute

I've never done something like this

I'm new to this feeling of wanting a kiss

You have been on my mind and I can't function

It's like you gave me a potion

To think I never expected this to happen

But take the time to please listen

This is my first time confessing

It's weird and bit stressing

So please accept what I have to say

I just want it off my chest, okay.