Oz Masters pulled up outside Brighton University in his mini bus and smiled at the group of students heading his way. There was Alana Watson; the cold beauty in the blonde hair and crystal blue eyes was almost savage. Rose Global, the little outcast. Her red hair bright against the summer's day and her green eyes sparkled as she laughed. Charley Goldair was turning cartwheels; her coal black hair tied in a plait at the base of her next, brown eyes stared out at the world as if from a child's face. And that was just the girls.

Oz himself was tall with a shaved head and a miniscule goatee that Alana insisted made him look like a douche bag. At which point his so called best friend would mention that Oz was a douche bag. Luckily, Steve Blood had always been a joker. He had thick ginger hair and almost violet eyes which he seemed to think made him weird but nobody ever mentioned it. Todd Wyndham usually told him that he was paranoid. But Todd was very tall, very muscular and very handsome so what the Hell would he know about it?

Oz chuckled to himself. He switched off the engine and climbed out; he walked around the bus and opened the back door so his friends could load in their bags.

"Remind who told you about this dump again, my sweet?" asked Alana. Oz noticed that she had dropped her bags and was waiting for one of the others to load them into the bus.

"It's not a dump. My mate Ricky rents it to people over the summer. He gave me an awesome deal! It's got three rooms, all en suites, a massive kitchen and living room and it's right on the beach." Oz picked up Alan's bags and threw them in the van, smiling a little as she winced. They climbed into the bus and Oz started the engine and pulled out onto the main road.

"Did you say Ricky rented you this place?" asked Steve. He opened his bag and took out a six pack of Coke, passing them around.

"Yeah, why?" replied Oz. He steered with his knees for a moment while he opened his can.

"Is this the same Ricky that told us he worked for the government? On top secret projects?"

"The same Ricky that told me he was a famous artist and that I should pose for him. Naked" added Charley. Before the others could throw in their two pence worth, Oz switched on the radio and drowned them out.