A/N: Okay, so I wrote this in fifth grade… apparently a wolf from Alaska mysteriously winds up in South America where he is worshipped as a god. I don't know what I was thinking but here you have it…

Sundog was a big white pup

In a Mayan temple he woke up

He was wrapped in chains and cuffs

Sundog had had quite enough

Sundog was lost

He was far from home

He was in a Mayan temple instead of

The city we now call "Nome"

He was a windwolf not a sundog

And he lived not in a temple but a hollow log

The Mayans had painted a sign around his eye

If he didn't eat soon he would surely die

In the corner they had left him some meat

But he found golden cuffs around all four feet

The Mayans were treating him like royalty

But poor Sundog didn't see

Sundog began to act crazy

Because windwolves are not at all lazy

He broke free from that chain

And his freedom he did gain

Sundog took the meat and ran

Through jungles and through the sand

He travelled for many days and weeks

Perhaps even months

And the meat did not last,

So he went on hunts

When he got to North America, bleeding were his paws

And though not one was familiar, he heard wolf calls

Many people feared Sundog and called him "Great Dog Spirit"

And though not one could see this wolf, everyone could hear it

They thought Sundog was a ghost and gave him offerings of peace

Meat, corn, jewelry and pots, and blankets of soft fleece

He took the meat and the corn,

Leaving the jewels and bowl

For the "Great Dog Spirit"

Would not need them to reach his goal

He crossed the country after many, many months

Everyone doing the same:

Fearing this "Phantom Dog" and wondering

From where Sundog came…

A/N: And that's as far as I ever got. I can only assume "Sundog" the "windwolf" made it back to Nome safely, where he could live in peace and avoid all those nuts trying to worship him and give him offerings.