The World's Worst "Emo" Poem

As the forbidden night falls

I surrender to its call

And dripped my tears of pain

Red from my wrists like rain

To the emptiness I cry "Save me!"

While my heart screams kill me now

Paint life on my skin

All the tears I held within

Like a ghost in a crowd

These words I'll never say aloud

Go! Catch my shadow

Cast my feelings out the window

Pain! Pain! Pain!

It leaves a scarlet stain

On no bleach can remove

Like the emperor that lost his groove

Twist the knife just to feel

Let the dark my spirit steal

And my nightmare haunt the day

666 mortal sins away

Posers, preps, and jocks

They stole my fishnet socks

I'll paint the halls black

And I'll never come back

Pain and angst my constant company

The atmosphere the world can't see

The holes in my heart

They gush my mind, so morbid dark

I shred the pictures of me

For every clip they kill a tree

Make my feature monochrome

Oh god. I'm 30 and alone

*Exchanged lines in a challenge to write the worst "Emo" poem ever – "EL2N" and "Relicus"