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"Kiss me."

My eyes fluttered open and I saw a dark shadow looming over me.

Lips pressed roughly against mine, claiming dominance over my mouth.

With his touch, an instant and almost painful shock traveled through my body. I was too shocked to move or even speak. I felt like I was in a dream, but this kiss was far too real.

The man's lips forced mine open and his tongue brushed against my bottom lip.

The shock hit me again, this time driving me into action. While part of me wanted to pull the intruder towards me and let him take over my body completely, I forced myself to push against his solid chest. He didn't budge. In fact, he only grew more persistent as he pinned me down on the mattress, hands holding my waist in place.

His face lifted from mine and I could just barely make out the contours of his face. He turned his head slightly and the dim light from my alarm clock revealed black eyes, bottomless and empty.

I was stunned into silence as those eyes slowly moved down my face to my lips, then lower, to my neck.

The only sound in the room was my ragged breathing and the revolving of my ceiling fan.

Slowly, he bent towards me and rested his lips on my ear base.

"You're mine, Ashlynn," he whispered, the sound vibrating through me and making me shiver in his grip.

Then, he was gone.

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