Devon was furious. It was evident in the way he paced around the room, jaw clenched and eyes narrowed.

The small crowd he had called to assemble surrounded him, staring at him with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

"Last night, something was taken from me," he said, coming to a stop. "Something that means everything to me."

He finally looked up at the people surrounding him.

"Her name is Ashlynn. She's eighteen. She has brown hair, green eyes."

"This is about a girl?" a man asked from the corner of the room. Under brief examination, one could easily tell he was a Shifter.

Devon ignored this outburst, continuing as if no one had spoken. "I have an idea who has her."

He studied the room, examining the face of every individual. This only made his audience more curious.

"Is she human?" a Seer asked. Devon stared at the woman for a moment, seeming actually angry.

"Do you think I'd harbor a human?"

"Then what is she?" the Seer persisted.

Devon noticeably glanced at the Incubus who was sitting right next to the Seer. If he said she was a Succubus, he would have to say she was defenseless against the enemy- that she hadn't discovered her own abilities yet… that she was a virgin.

There were one too many Incubi in the room that would benefit from a virgin Succubus. Ones that would even try to overthrow Devon himself for that kind of power.

"Are you hiding something from us?" the woman persisted, seeing the brief flash of concern cross over Devon's features.

Within a millisecond, the woman was lifted from her chair and tossed aside.

A telekinetic witch stepped towards her, murder in her eyes.

"How dare you speak to Him that way-."

"Gloria, that's enough," Devon commanded and the vampire automatically grimaced and retreated into the crowd of supernaturals that crowded the room.

Slowly, Devon advanced towards the Seer who was sprawled across the floor, staring at him in utter fear.

He knelt down to her level slowly, almost gently.

"What's your name?" he asked calmly.


He nodded. "Melinda. Seers to me are… dispensable creatures."

He stood and walked back to center stage, preparing to address the whole audience.

"In fact, all of you are dispensable." He glanced briefly down at the Seer who hadn't dared to move. "Perhaps that would be a good thing to remember next time one of you wants to challenge my authority."

"I didn't mean to-." The Seer started, before she was silenced by Devon approaching her again.

He towered over her, her fate playing in his eyes.

He lifted his foot and hovered it over her neck.

"Please don't-."

A crack sounded throughout the room as the bones in her neck were snapped.

Devon stared down at his victim, no expression on his face.

"See?" he asked, his voice as causal as ever. "Very dispensable."

The room was silent as everyone stared at the merciless man.

The sound of footsteps pierced the silence almost painfully as someone moved to the front of the room.

The man stood before the woman's body, face-to-face with Devon. Neither of the men spared a look at the dead body that lay at their feet, even though Devon could tell that the man confronting him was half-Seer himself.

"You don't have to give any more details about your mate," the man told him. "But I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say this: what's in it for us?"

Devon smiled. "Chase Caulfield."

The room was once again silenced.

Devon laughed briefly. "Are you even afraid of his name?"

"And why would we go after Chase Caulfield?" the Shifter that had first spoken up dared to ask.

Devon smiled good-naturedly. "Because he's a threat to all of you-."

The half-Seer chuckled, interrupting Devon rudely. Devon glanced at him, struck by his bravery.

"It seems to me like he's not the only threat to us," he said, motioning to the corpse.

Devon nodded. "That's the second reason you should kill Caulfield. And perhaps the most important one." He looked down at the corpse with a studious expression.

"He has Ashlynn. If she is not returned to me in a matter of days… you will have to deal with my despair." He shoved the dead body lightly with his foot. "My despair causes me to be very irrational."

The half-Seer nodded, seeming to have expected a response like this.

"I'll go under one condition."

Devon smirked. "And what condition is that?" he asked, simply curious.

"I get to take on Caulfield myself."

Devon studied the half-Seer, trying to figure him out. He couldn't exactly place what other type of Supernatural he was.

"What's your name, Seer?"

The man paused briefly before answering. "Tyler."

Devon nodded. "Okay, Tyler. It's a deal."

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