Sweet Red Wine

Andrew rose suddenly from where he sat. Angry and frustrated with himself. His emotions wern't so out of sync since... Andrew shuts his eyes, not wanting to picture that one night that ruined everything. Yet, nonetheless, the images came rushing through his mind. One hand on a half empty bottle of beer and the other hand caressing Emily's tiny waist. The image is replaced with them in a motel room, passionately kissing. Drunk off each other's energy or rather for him, an unrepressed attraction of six years. The image quickly changes to him in bed with her, fingers entwined. He remembers staring at that ring, hating how it sparkled in the dark. Hating, for a moment the man who placed it there. Andrew shakes his head, clearing the memory that overtook him just now.

Looking down at Emily, who is sitting on his couch, Andrew asks, "What are you doing here?" He checks his watch, it is nearly one in the morning. Emily never comes over at such a late time.

"I-I don't" Emily begins to say as she tries to remain calm. Plastering a smile that twitches ever so slightly at the corner of her lips. Andrew can't help but smile in return at how adorable she looks at the moment. His smile quickly vanish as her eyes began to water and her face, turning a bright shade of red. Andrew had never witnessed Emily cry before. She was always the positive one in his group of friends, the one who sees only the good in people. Emily lowers her head, wiping away her tears. The lights are dim and the smell of cinamon lingers in Andrew's living room.

"I honestly don't know why I'm here." She finally says, "I just wanted to see you.."

She looks up at Andrew with peircing blue eyes. He suddenly notices her bracelet. Hanging delicately off her wrist, glimmering in the dim light. He smiles fondly at the bracelet. His gentle fingers wraps around her wrists, his thumb caressing the bracelet and at the same time the softness of her porcelain skin.

"Where did you find it?" He asks with a soft smile. The bracelet was a birthday gift he bought for her last year. She had told him she lost it a month ago, on a trip to Mexico with Harry. Emily squirms in her chair, a look of disfomfort crosses her face. Andrews thumb stops and his hand fell back to his side.

"Harry found it in our suitcase..." The sound of his name coming from those soft pink lips made Andrew's heart stop. Harry, his bestfriend. Harry, the guy who is about to wed Emily. Harry, the one who doesn't have a clue about his feelings for Emily. Andrew bit his cheeks, overwhelmed with guilt once again, he shouldn't feel this way, it wasn't right.

"Why are you here?" He asks once more. "Shouldn't you be sleeping in bed with Harry?" He thought to himself. He smiles bitterly to himself and sat on the wooden table in front of Emily.

Emily looks at Andrew more closely, head tilting to the side. The ends of her wavy blonde hair touching Andrew's knees. "Don't you remember?" She asks.

"Remember what?" He asks casually. He makes his way to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of Bourne's Sweet Red Wine from the refrigerator. He places that on the counter and grabs two wine glass. As he makes his way back to Emily with two glasses of wine he sees Emily's hurt expression. Ironically it made Andrew burst out laughing. With that frown on her face, It looked as if she had grown a unibrow over night. He hands a glass of wine to Emily and chuckles as he clinks his glass to hers. "Congrats, Mrs. Harry Potter," He jokingly says, "your wedding is tomorrow, isn't it?" He sips from the wine and exhales a breath. He can't believe that tomorrow will be the day that his bestfriend and the woman of his dreams will be together. " 'Til death do they part" he says under his breath. He wanted to be selfish and take Emily away to a far off island where nobody knows them. A place where they can be happy together and nobody would care if he stole his bestfriend's girl. But Andew wasn't selfish, he wasn't the type of guy to to something like that to another man. Especially his bestfriend. There was nothing he could do, but watch from the sidelines as they both say "I do". He takes a gulp of his wine and savors the bittersweetness of the red wine.

"I-I should just go." Emily suddenly says, breaking Andrew's thoughts. She laughs nervously as she grabs her bag and keys, "I don't even know why I was here to begin with."

Andrew watches from where he sat as Emily head towards the door. He drank the rest of the wine as he hears the door knob turn. Before Emily could step foot out of his apartment, Andrew is on his feet. "Wait," He says as he makes his way towards Emily. His arm grabs onto her waist as he pulls her in for a kiss. Unlike the kiss from the last time, this one was different. Soft and sweet, Andrew can taste the remanents of the wine in Emily's mouth as she wraps her arms around andrew's neck.

"What are we doing?" She says breathlessly as she rest her forehead upon Andrew's shoulder.

Andrew bit the bottom of his lips, helpless. Not knowing what took over him. "Maybe it was the wine," he thought to himself. "I love you, Emily." He finally says, "I've always loved you from the start. Your eyes, your voice," He takes a deep breath and looks into Emily's eyes. "Your very being." Andrew, anticipating a slap on the face, is suprise when he saw a smile form on Emily's swollen lips.

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" She says looking up at Andrew. Staring into each others eyes, they kiss once more. The door to the apartment closes and they head to Andrew's bedroom with the bottle of sweet red wine.

Staring up at Andrew's apartment and reminescing what happened a couple hours ago, Emily couldn't help but let a smile appear on her lips. She can still taste the sweet kisses from Andrew's mouth and smell the cleanliness of his skin. Her stomach turns at the thought of Harry. With both hands holding onto the bottle of wine that she had taken from Andrew's apartment, she crosses the street and makes her way to her car. How will she ever be able to look at Harry in the eyes again? How can she live with herself knowing that she has slept with another man behind Harry's back. Not just any man either. Andrew, the one who stole her heart. If only life could be easier and God could give her some sort of sign. As quickly as that thought came two bright lights came rushing down the street. And the last thing Emily remembers were the sound of sirens and a broken bottle of red wine lying next to her.