After moving to a small town, being stalked by a guy she hates, and dealing with all the drama of high school you'd think Zoie Jordan has been through enough but no…after her home is attacked by mysterious creatures, she begins to learn the truth of her family heritage and her destiny. Zoie will undergo a change that would not only define her…but also the fate the world.

Chapter 1: The Town

The Jordan family was moving. Again.

I sat back on the leather seat (I love private jets) and looked at my brother Ryan. I sighed "Where are we going now?"

He chuckled "Don't sound so enthusiastic lil' sister." "Shut up" I snapped "Do you know or not?" He looked up for the Sports Illustrated he was reading "Yeah I know; we're moving some small town in Newport, Rhode Island."

I groaned "Ugh I hate small towns. Why are you doing this to me Mom?" I asked turning to her.

She looked sad "Kitty, I know you hate small towns but your father and I need a break from the drama of big cities." I

tilted my head sideways "Really, Mom? Small towns have way more drama than big cities-news travels like lighting where as in a city you don't know everybody, but in a small town everyone knows you and you know everybody. Newport, the name screams overly perky people; you know how much I hate overly perky people!"

She laughed (Just ignored me) and walked into the cockpit with Dad. I closed my eyes fighting the impending headache.

"So what do you wanna do to pass the time?" Ryan asked I swear I was gonna kill him if he didn't shut up "Nothing, Ryan. I don't want to play a game I have a headache" I told him

"Wanna play 20 questions?" He suggested-I guess people in my family like ignoring me, they'd learn one day "Will it get you to shut up so I can sleep?" I asked "Yes" "Okay, sure and plug in my Iphone please." He did as I asked while talking "Is it a person?" I grinned at the back of his head "No" "Is it an animal?" "No." "Okay, is it a movie?" "Yes." "Umm…err…is it Underworld?" "Yup, good night, I love you." I got up quickly and walked back to Percy's cabin

"Percy can I sleep in your room? I asked through the door.

"Sure squirt, just don't drool. I just got those sheets." He called "Hey just because you're freakishly tall doesn't mean I'm a squirt and I do not drool!" I walked in the cabin to find my eldest brother sitting at the desk with a pamphlet that read New England Institute of Technology the college he would be attending when we landed-he wore a blue t-shirt and black jeans both highlighting his black hair and light blue eyes.

"Hey how's your new fiancée?" Percy turned to look at me as I flopped on the bed taking of the jacket I wore. "Aura's great, she was really excited when I finally gave her the ring. Thanks by the way for picking it out." He blushed slightly. I chuckled "I still can't believe you proposed without a ring."

He grinned "It was kinda a spur of the moment…not that I wasn't going to propose in the first place but it just felt right to me the only thing was I didn't have a ring." He shrugged.

I sighed and pulled the covers up around my shoulders "You really should plan more things out mo-"

I trailed off, in front of me I saw two people they could've been twins a boy and a girl-both had longish dark brown hair and light brown eyes with a caramel skin tone.

Now this would have been okay except for the fact that I knew it was only me and Percy in the room and the fact that they people were like see through, almost a hallucinations. Okay I think I'm going insane "Hey Percy can you see those people in front of you?"

He looked confused "What people Kitty?" Oh my god I really am going crazy, I'm seeing things. I shook my head "Never mind…I'm gonna lie down." He nodded, eyebrows creased. He got up and walked to the door turning off the light as he went, "Good night kitty." I simply Hmm-med in responds God I hope school goes better than today.