Chapter 9: The Final Awakening

The tension at lunch was unbelievable; no one on the team was speaking to Derek, they knew what he did was wrong. Most of the team were Morphers, save for Sam and Jared, they were Eaters.

When Mom, Lia and Jack got back they were pissed off, well Jack and Lia were, Mom was just upset and suspicious…never a good thing.

They had told me that Mother Prophet said that High Lady Shayna was Awakening even though she had had no prior contact with her Awakener, until yesterday. That was the reason they were pissed.

Me, I was mainly worried about Zoie and her well-being. "So are you coming to the Park tonight?" Cliff asked me, the Park was a place we went where we could use our full strength un-seen by the human eye.

"I'm not sure maybe…I'll see." A hand shot forward and took a fry off of my plate. I turned and saw Zoie standing there nibbling on the fry.

"So what's this park you guys were talking about?" She asked stealing another fry. I froze glancing at Lia who just shrugged and answered Zoie's question

"The Park is just this place we go to hang out. Do you want to come with us?" Zoie sat down next to me and started cutting off the part of my burger I had bitten off of.

"Yeah, we can go after dinner tonight." I said.

She smiled biting into the stolen burger "Sure whatever, what time should I get there?" Zoie asked wiping ketchup from her face.

"Maybe 6 o' clock 6:30." Lia said Zoie nodded, reached over and took Cliff's burger "Hey why'd you do that!" he whined. "I was gonna eat it!"

Zoie rolled her eyes "I did it because I can." She said chewing "And I don't care." She smiled and walked off.

A tingly sensation went up my spine as my mind whispered danger I spun as much as I could in my seat and saw Zoie talking to Crystal and her groupies.

Zoie was facing our table. Then Crystal pushed Zoie, Lia stood up but Zoie motioned her down. I couldn't hear what was being said. Zoie rolled her eyes and said something then walked out of the cafeteria.

Crystal flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and started toward our table. Where Derek sat.

"What is going on Derek? I leave early and you start flirting with the new freak." At her last words the entire football team growled-Lia stood yet again

"Hey watch the way you're talking Barbie doll." Lia yelled. The room quieted and eyes turned to stare.

Crystal ignored my sister which only provoked her more-Cliff had to hold onto her arms to keep her from jumping across the table. Crystal placed her hands on her skinny and unattractive hips "Are you going to answer me Derek?"

Derek sighed "Nothing Crys, nothing is going on." Crystal smiled "Keep it that way." She strutted off in her pink high heels.

I began to think about the differences between Zoie and Crystal. Zoie was very rich, higher up on the wealth meter while Crystal was like third class rich and Zoie didn't flaunt her money like Crystal did. Crystal always wore heels and mini skirts to school where as Zoie had worn jeans and gym shoes today.

The social differences between the two were astonishing; Crystal was stuck up and snobby, she wouldn't talk to anyone she felt was "beneath" her. Zoie from what I remembered growing up with her for the first seven years of our lives she was a kind, generous person, who had a temper that could scare a cougar.

Shaking my head I got up, motioning for Lia to come with me. "I get this creepy feeling that something's gonna happen." Lia told me worry plain in her light brown eyes.

I nodded "I know I thin…" I was cut off by a sharp pain cutting through my back resting in my shoulders and an earsplitting scream. I heard Lia yelling my name asking me if I was okay. I told her to go to Zoie that she needed her more than me.

"Fine but I'm calling Sam and Cliff to come get you." Lia's voice was far off telling me she was running toward the scream. I fell to the ground with the next spasm. I blacked out soon after.

I woke to the sound of screaming. "Restrain her…no on her stomach, hurry!"

I opened my eyes slowly, pain was everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. After the blurriness past I found I was lying on my stomach, when I tried to turn I couldn't.

My hands and feet were restrained. Looking around I saw I was in the nurses' office. A groan of pain sounded, I turned to look at the second bed-Zoie lay the same way I did-hands and feet restrained.

Pain shot through my body, Zoie turned her head to face me "What's happening to me?" She whispered pain evident in her voice.

Lia spoke for me. "You're Awakening Mistress." Zoie huffed "What is with the whole 'Mistress' thing, what is going on?" Lia looked down at me then back at Zoie "Your parents didn't tell anything?"

"About what? I've lived a normal life until I came here!" Zoie screamed. Lia sighed while untying the straps that held me down "Well then we'll just let this happen, then have your parents explain everything."

"Have what happen?" Zoie shouted her voice edging on hysteria. I stood up rubbing my wrists.

"This." I said walking over to her.

Placing my hands on her back I pulled slightly and her flesh tore-she screamed-you could see white feathers underneath the blood the tips of her wings showing. Reaching I grabbed them and pulled slowly.

"I need her untied to get them out fully." I told Cliff. He moved and untied her hands, feet, and the strap that held her back down.

"Okay Zoie what I'm about to is going to hurt…but if it's not done you could die." I said to her as I helped her up.

She nodded gritting her teeth. I grabbed the wing tips as gently as I could and pulled them up and out. Lia screamed and fell to the ground. Zoie was on her knees gasping. "What was that?"

She tried to look at me but her wings were in her way. I expected her to scream…she didn't. "And what are those!" She asked her eyes going wide as she looked at the bloody feathers flowing down.

I picked her and Lia up while talking. "You have now Awakened as a Shadowangel" Lia, Sam, Cliff, Jack and I bowed at her feet. "High Lady Shayna, first daughter and heiress of the first house of Jordan."