The story is part of the Terris Mundi series. Terris Mundi is what they call their "Earth", with their own cultures and languages-though, you may see similarities between our two worlds. But this universe, Terris Mundi has two moons, sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and their rules and laws are different as well as how their world progresses. Also, just about 90% to 95% of this world's animals, plants, fruits and vegetable hybrids. Though, it's not 100%, so you will find familiar animals-but these animals are not so common in the Terris Mundi world.

In the story, No Longer Free, you will be experiencing the different cultures and Atrox, Gemma, Honesta, Fortis, and Fons. Atrox, Gemma, Honesta, and Fortis-Fons all speak a different languages, but they speak through a universal language: Latinum (or Latin for us). Fortis is Fon's neighbor, and those two countries used to be one. To the East of Fortis is the country of Honesta. To the North of Fons, Fortis, and Honest is the giant country of Atrox, a tundra. To the West and south of Fons is the Sanguis Sea in which all Fonsian red rivers are connected. Across the sea, more below Fortis and Honesta, on another continent, is the large country of Gemma, a desert land compared to the woodlands of Fons and Fortis and Honesta.

Allow our main characters, after being taken prisoner by the Atroxians slave-captures, and their quest to return home. Come see the comparison of different cultures on the Eastern Hemisphere of the world: Terris Mundi.