Okay, yes. I am a cliché. I admit it, okay? Yes, I, like a million girls before me, fell in love with my best friend. Except, unlike all of the cliché's, neither of us are off dating other people. In fact, we're currently together. It's facebook official.

So, what, you may ask, is my problem? My best friend and I are fake dating in order to get our other best friend to fall in love with him. Okay. It's confusing. I'll try to catch you up on the soap opera that is my life.

It all started one innocent Friday afternoon. Mia, Kelsey, and I had met up at the local Starbucks for our ritualistic Friday coffee date and were, as usual, talking about normal girl things.

"So how are you and Ben now that you and Noah are going out?" Kelsey questioned. She was sipping a Chai Latte in the cool October afternoon sunshine.

"Oh," Mia said. She looked down and took a long sip of her venti iced coffee, "Well we haven't really talked recently."

"What?" I asked, astonished. Mia and Ben spent at least an hour on the phone at least five nights a week.

"I've been talking to Noah," Mia defended quickly.

"But didn't tell Ben that Noah would never come between the two of you?" Kelsey questioned as I twirled around the ice in my upside iced caramel macchiato.

"Ben's acting all butt hurt about me dating Noah but it's not like he has the right to. We're best friends. But he hates my boyfriend. It's not my fault," Mia defended.

I sighed, "Mia, Ben obviously cares about. You and you obviously care about him. So what's the big deal? Just call him."

"He's acting like a douche," Mia said simply, "I'm not calling him."

Kelsey slammed the table in frustration and started to tell Mia something about not acting like a melodramatic baby and just call her best friend already when Mia pulled out her phone.

"Sorry," Mia said, quickly standing and pushing her chair back, "But Noah's here. I'm going to his place for a bit."

She picked up her bag and tossed her drink in a nearby trash can.

"This isn't finished!" Kelsey called after her.

Mia smiled and waved to us both before leaving through the front door of the shop.

I sighed deeply.

"What are we going to do?" Kelsey said, "It's obvious that she's in love with him. She's told us that she's in love with him but then she just goes off and dates Noah and pretends that she has no feelings in the world and Ben is just some guy and AH!"

I nodded in agreement, "It's not like there's anything we can do, though," I soothed, "Mia's just too stupid to realize that Ben is pretty hot and if she doesn't date him, some other girl will. Except for the fact that Ben is totally convinced that all girls, except Mia, have cooties."

We both laughed appreciatively at the truth.

"I mean seriously, what are we going to do? Have one of us pretend to date Ben so that Mia realizes she's head over heels in love with him?" I said with an easy laugh.

Except Kelsey didn't laugh. She got a funny look on her face for a few seconds before bursting into a brilliant smile.

"That actually might work," Kelsey said in a loud whisper.

I could see the gears turning. I could feel my heart sinking lower and lower into my chest.

And that's how I got stuck fake dating my best friend who I was in love with so our other best friend would fall madly in love and then would date and get married and have six adorable children.

I was pretty much asking for it, huh?