[the way he looks at me makes me feel like I am the only thing he sees…]

& it's cue, cue the heart/break
as my stomach drops to my knees.
you say it's for the best,
but i have to beg you,

my mind is running in sick circles.
and my heart is begging for its fix,
i believed every word
that i kissed off your lips,
pathetically, i fell so hard
for all your tricks.
(&for you-
you caught me, didn't you?)

you made such pretty promises,
i should have known they were all such lies.
(was any of this real? i thought it was...)
you made me feel like we were perfect,
(told me we were perfect.)
but you were just the devil in disguise.

i feel the weight of this realization;
my heart means absolutely
nothing to you.
love is c/r/u/s/h/e/d beneath your fingertips,
and there's nothing left that i can do.
& so i'll just continue to love you like i do,
i will suffer through this
(as only i could)
and when my heart finally moves on from you,
i hope you miss me like i think you should.

[how could it be]
i only just found you
but now am forced to let you go?
i think this hurts me way more
than i'll ever let you know.


from what i have heard, i hope she's worth it again.
[i bet she isn't.]
she won't compare to me anymore, let me just say that.
[like he no longer compares to you.]

you're such a c-o-w-a-r-d, & i'm so attached.