January 2011, October 2011


White Is Just A Color




Just a color

No better or worse than any other

I know this when I see my friend's brother

With his teeth as white as fancy butter

In fact I bet their entire clan

Has teeth as white as an albino man's hands

Cleaner than the brand new Blanco crayons

Que los muchachos en Spanish grade school have

Can I resist them? I think I can

I'm not going to stop and stare

At his teeth as white as frosted air...

...As a cartoon baby polar bear.


But when the lovely Scandinavian girl

Steps out of another world

Her white cheeks as lovely as a pearl

The snowflakes softly surrounding her

When I see her quiet and beautiful eyes

Colored blue and black and white

Then I can't help but realize

That white can fall between the most amazing lines -

That it falls with perfection upon her

The lovely Scandinavian girl.


And then I see my friend's clean teeth

As he approaches and smiles at me

Could that be white, too? Yes, it could be –

She has white in her face and so does he

But somehow it moves me differently

And I feel it necessary to repeat that


Just a color.