If I Can Tell You


These thoughts are like stars that come out at night

An attractive display in a dark, empty sky

They shine and they gaze but they give me no light

Only they can be seen by my eyes.


And I want to say dreams but I don't think I can

"Dreams" doesn't sound right when it comes off the page

Everything has to come carefully out of my hand

Disguised and dressed up in so many ways.


If I had the freedom I'd tell you I love you

I'd tell you a part of the beauty I see

In your eyes, because I couldn't find if I tried

Enough time to say how beautiful you are to me.


Instead I create a rhythmic pattern

And draw pictures with lines that I hope you will find

To be lovely and impressive and sweet and attractive

And I hope that you'll keep some of them in your mind.


Because I see you with me, if it could ever be

But these dreams are like stars that illumine the night

I still haven't found you except in my dreams

I still don't know how to reveal or to hide.


And even when these words are spoken

The silence still remains unbroken

The stillness doesn't turn to motion

Though in my dream one of us spoke and

Suddenly you were beside me

With all the love that I'd been hiding

With all the things that I'd been trying

To say so natural they weren't even surprising

When you and me were somehow found

Holding hands and looking down

The road ahead and wondering how

The future had become the present now.


But in the morning the sunlight takes

The stars and dreams men see at night

The vision fades and he is awake

But he's still chasing those distant shining lights.