"Sasskiiaaa oh Sasskiiaaa wake up! Wake up!"

'"Grmphh… Five more minutes…. Five more minutes" I mumbled sleepily.

"Nope, nu- uh, nada not happening. Five minutes means five days with you." My roommate slash servant Jade replied sharply.

There's one thing you should know about Jade, she may be small and petite looking, but she is really strong and I mean really strong. In one swift motion she flipped my bed sheets over her shoulders throwing me to the ground.

"SHIT! JADE! WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?" I yelled out in annoyance.

"I told you to get up didn't I? Well anyway, you have to be ready in fifteen minutes, I need to take you somewhere" Jade retorted.

"Where?" I asked eyeing her suspiciously. "Your not going to kidnap me and hold me for ransom are you?"

"Yes, yes I am going to hold you ransom." Jade rolled her eyes dramatically. "Don't be such a dork, now hurry up so that we wont be late!"

How am I suppose to get ready in fifteen freaking sort minutes? God Jade should've totally woken me up earlier. She did remember? But you just rolled over and pretended to fart in her face. Shut your none existent mouth brain and I pretended remember? Pretended.

Surprisingly, I was done getting ready in the short amount of time given to me. I'd had thrown on: a pair of old Gucci heels, dark skinny jeans of no particular brand, a flowy Victorian waist tie down top and to top it all of, I wore a couple of grungy looking bohemian bracelets.

"Hopefully wherever your taking me will have cute guys!" I told Jade playfully. "If not I would've dressed up for nothing and in a record of time at that!"

Jade just smiled a mysterious smile. "Hmmm… not the place itself but the'll be one that you would want to impress in particular."

I looked at her quizzically, but nothing more was said during the ride.

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