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Summary: In the vast country of Talahan, a young teen is forced to join the military against his will. During time in the military, he meets others who had a hard life and always seems to hide everything with a smile. He also discovers dark secrets kept deep within the military, and who the Prince of Light is, as well as his country. Dark enough to destroy one's self...

Yeah, the original name was Talahan's Sky but I changed it cause it sucks. '-'

Chapter 1: The start of a test.

It's really stupid how the mayor just sends a wimp to join the military without asking them first. Yes, idiotic, but the one who really is an idiot is the one who accepts the request without protest.

And that wimp... is me.

"I'm gonna die."

I was shaking with nervousness as I stood in front of the gleaming tower of the military. Just two days ago, I was sent a letter from the mayor the have a secret meeting with him. And goddesses, my parents freaked out when I told them I wanted to join the military. And the result, they locked down the whole house so I couldn't get out, even the smallest cracks in the wall. Aha, I have to admit, they were so scared that they seemed to be hiding something. And what confirmed my suspicions is what my mom said to me before I sneaked out...

"Just don't join the Sky Riders."

But I don't ever think I'll reach that rank. After all that's the elite division. Wimps like me goes directly to the lowest division. A random guy that holds a gun and it doesn't matter to the government if they died. Interesting military, yes?

I slowly pulled the door open the 20-story tower, allowing the cold air to ruffle my hair. All it took was one step in, and I was immediately told off.

"Get out." said a gruff voice. A muscular man was glaring down at me with his dark brown eyes. I shrunk back a little but I refused to leave.

"I came to join the military." I said loud and clear. The man glared at me and opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by someone else.

"Warren, please. Now is not the time." said a man in a fancy suit. He smiled down at me. "What's your name?"

Slowly I walked in and shut the door behind me. "Sky Highlander, sir?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Come with me. I'd like to speak with you." He started to walk away as I stayed rooted in my spot. Warren, the glaring guy, gave me a gentle push (shove) toward him. I tumbled after the formal guy while I heard Warren mumble something that sounded sorta like "Even wimpy teens like him are joining..."

Heh. I'm only going because I was forced to.

A few minutes later, we arrived at his office. And dang...we're a bit too high for my comfort. Glass served as windows from top to bottom, and a metal desk sat near that beautiful glass.

"This may sound rude but..." I paused. "Who are you?"

The man laughed. "Me? Oh, I'm the general." He sat down behind his desk. "Richard Elrem, General of the Sky Riders. Pleased to meet you Sky Highlander."

I felt my eyes widen. It's not what he said; it's how he said it. His tone. I felt like I heard it before...

"Who are you really?" I said again. Elrem sighed.

"You don't trust me?" he asked. He pulled out a drawer in his desk and brought out a file. Elrem smirked as he opened the file. "Sky Highlander. Age, 15. Eyecolor, Emerald Green, haircolor, white. Skills, enough to join the Sky Riders."

Right there and then I felt I've been stalked my whole life. He knew my age. My name!

"Descendant of Hope of the Old Talahan."

"What? You're scaring me, sir." I said shakily. He sighed and mumbled something as he put his file of me back in his drawer. I silently wished I never agreed. I should have just stayed home.

"So, what do you want?" I asked. Elrem laughed.

"You wanted to join the military, right?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Then you're in."

"Eh!" I almost fell. Honestly, I never knew getting in would be that easy. That's just crazy!


I looked up."But, what?" I asked. He smiled at me.

"You have to take the survival test. It's easy. All you have to do is make it from point A to B." I gaped.

"S-survival test?" I asked. Oh, God. A survival test. Sweet mother of Crystal Mountains. Hell no.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." I groaned. I was hiding behind a tree as I took cover from a nonstop machine gun that was ready to give anyone a painful death.

A week ago, I was unceremonly given a test that I had to survive. And instructions say:

Travel from Matainin to Gale Village.
Along the journey you must collect 2 items.
1. Crystal water
2. A Critara's feather
3. Moon's Tear
You have 1 month to complete the task.

Easy right? Heh, yeah. Easier said than done. Because of General Elrem, I'm stuck with taking a test I may never finish. Or worse, survive. But, I also find it funny that they said 2 items when only 3 is listed. Cool, right? I hope you caught the sarcasm... Anyway, it's only been three hours since I started this cursed test.

I crouched down into the bushes so I could relax a bit. It's been three whole minutes and thing is still shooting. And even more worse, I forgot to bring a weapon. Stupid, right?

I cursed as a bullet hit the back of my left hand, right smack in the middle. It burned like hell. I didn't scream or freak out when my blood painted the grass red. Got hurt too many times to cry. Quickly, I rolled to my side and pushed myself to my feet. From there I ran out of shooting distance.

"Over here!" said a girlish voice somewhere to my left. Out of nowhere a hand grabbed my bloody hand and pulled me to a small clearing. "That's one heck of a bloody hand you got there, dummy."

I took a good look at my rescuer as she looked at my hand. I gaped. Her light purple hair is quite rare these days, assuming it's natural. She wore a white sleeveless shirt with swirl patterns. Her light pink skirt was down to her knees that split on the side for more movement. Strapped to her back was a sword and a quiver filled to the rim. Her black fingerless gloves that fitted her small hands were now covered with my blood.

"Does it hurt that bad?" she suddenly asks. I looked into her light blue eyes and felt trapped in a spell I can't escape from. I felt- "Snap out of it!"

I shook my head. "I've felt worse." I say randomly. She rolled her eyes and pulled out bandages out of her pouch attached to her side.

"And I wonder what you did..." I heard her mumble. I smirked.

"Stuff that scared the living daylights out of everyone." I said. She started wrapping my hand.

"You taking the Sky Rider's entrance exam or are you just a villager nearby?" she asked.

"Yeah, I find it funny that I can easily trick people into thinking that I'm not trying to get into the military." I said as I rolled my eyes. The girl sighed and brushed her bangs away from her eyes. So to say, she just about my height and probably safe to say she's 15 or 16.

"I take it that you're taking the test. How old are you?" she said. She put away the bandges in her pouch.

"Fifteen. You?" She smirked.

"Eighteen. Looks can be deceiving." she added. I almost fell. Eighteen? Dang, she's short! She turned around."The name's Fairrel. Care to be my partner?"

End of Chappy 1

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