Spider Trap part 1

Connie whimpered as he struggled against the restricts which were keeping him firmly in place. A white string, which no matter how much he struggled wouldn't unattach itself from him. The binding were smooth and felt like silk under his fingers. But they seemed to except a sticky substance which glue him to them.

He was trapped in a spiders web.

A giant spider's web with spanned across three trees. His arms were above his head, his legs spread lightly making him feel very helpless. Luckily for him, or unlucky, the other creatures of the forest knew better then to interfere with a spiders web. Least they be trapped as well. The beings of the spider clan did not take well to others touching there prey. Not that he knew that of course, only being a worthless human.

He had been so stupid, he mentally cursed himself, trying not to panic. He had been so stupid for doing the dare and entering the forest in the first place. Stupid for actually agreeing to the dare.

Their had always been stories of giant spiders in the forests. Horror stories of half human, half spider creatures who trapped helpless humans in there webs and ate them alive. Children's stories, designed to stop them wandering into the forest alone. Or so he had thought, along with everyone else. Though has he had grow, just what the spiders did with there prey changed. But in the end, it still boiled down to one thing. A hapless human being killed.

The dare had been a simple one. Simply spent the night alone in the forest. Dangerous but not unusual for a dare. Many did it successfully, as long as you didn't go to deep into the forest you were mostly safe. He had been fine for a while, happy to sit in the hollow of a tree where it wasn't as cold as the rest of the forest. But as the night wore on, he became jumpy, startling at the slightest sound. Unless he had lost his nerve and began running, only to trip and fall down a mud slide, deep into the forest.

He had walked carefully for a while after that, looking all around him for possible dangers, trying to reach the safety of the higher land, but then an owl had hooted and he had jumped backward, tripping over a root in the ground. He had braced himself to have a hard landing, only to find himself landing on something soft. He had opened his eyes to find himself entrapped in a much bigger nightmare.

Biting his lips tightly to stop any sobs coming out, as tears ran down his face. He pulled at his blinding again, still trying to get loose. He didn't want to die like this!

Click click.

Connie felt his heart stop. He looked up in horror as he heard the sound of clicking. He looked up to see the biggest spider he had ever seen crawling along the web, walking closer to him. The predator had found its prey. Connie let out a wail and thrashed harder as the thing drew closer. But it was no use, he was well and truly stuck.

A pincer stroked over his hair softly, and Connie's nose was filled with the scent of the creatures breath. Then it did something Connie didn't expect. It moved away from him, his torso half rearing back.

The transformation was seamless, yet horrifying to watch as the top half turned into a humans torso. It was male, no doubt, the face handsome and strong. Red eyes looked down at the trapped boys, amusement in them, coloured with something else. The skin moved from the black spider body, to an ill looking pale. Tattoo's climbed up the beings arms, and over his chest. Muscles cover his torso well, red eyes almost glowing as he opened them. Long white hair falling over Connie like a curtain as the creature loomed over him.

"So what do we have here then" a deep silkily voice said, a hand reaching down and wiping Connie's cheek. "A little lamb lost in the woods"

Connie thrashed again, trying to get away from the touch of the monster, his heart beating as fast as a steam train and sounded just as loud. A cold sweat ran down his face in face as he started up at the half man, half beast. His mouth opened, a wordless wail of fear coming from them, tears pouring down his face. He was terrified

"Hush now, that won't do you any good" the creature scolded, placing a hand over Connie's mouth to stop the annoying noise, ignoring how the boy tried to pull away from his touch. It wasn't like he could escape anyway. Connie let out another meep, but stopped making the wailing as it loomed over him threateningly. Breathing erratically, and shivering in fear,

The creature seemed pleased by this, smiling at him almost softly, the thumb of the hand keeping him quiet, stroked over Connie's cheek, wiping tears away. "There there, that's a good boy, such a pretty little morsel" the creature almost seemed to purr, its free hand running though Connie's hair gently. His legs moved together, spinning a web.

Connie yelled in fright as the creature began to encase his legs stringing them together. More tears poured down his face. he creature make hushing noises again, letting go of his mouth in order to pull Connie's arms together, making it easier for him to entomb him in the web.

"Please don't eat me" Connie begged, sobbing heavily, clamping his eyes tight. The weaving didn't even pause. The creature chuckling.

Hands cupped his face, and a kiss was pressed on his forehead, "Poor little lamb" murmured the creature, slight amusement in his tone, "look at me child" cooed the creature softly, hands still cupping Connie's face. Connie opened is eyes slowly, he could see his frightened expression reflecting back at him in the creature's own eyes.

"Fear not little lamb. I will not eat you" the creature murmured, sounding very amused by the idea for some reason. "Though i have no doubt you would be a tasty morsel if i did" It teased. Connie whimpered in fear, making the creature chuckle. "My plans for you, will be far more enjoyable for the both of us"

Connie whimpered again, "I just want to go home" he sobbed, painfully aware the only part of his body not wrapped in the sticky substance, was his head.

The creature let out a collection of soft clicks, and kissed him on the forehead lightly. "Hush little one" The spider reached down and picked the tied up human up, kissing him again on the top of his head. "Time to sleep"

Connie yelped as he felt something push into him though the webbing, sobbing loudly as he felt as something was infected into his bloodstream. The creature hummed a soft lullaby as he fell asleep, gently rocking him as he fell to the sleep toxin, his eyes drooping as he struggled to stay awake. "Don't fight it, just let it go" murmured the creature, nuzzling into his hair. He was dimly aware of another kiss being pressed to his lips, before his world went black. And he was left to the mercy of the creature who had found him.

Such an adorable human, mused Milan, as he carried the young human back top his lair. It was rare that a human stumbled this far into the forest, even rarer for a young one. Not that the human currently asleep in his arms was a child.

He was close to manhood, though still young compared to most of the creatures who resided in the deeps of the forest. Luckily he was old enough to do what Milan planned to use him for. There had been a child or two which had stumbled into his webbing before. He had ensured they had gotten back to the villages, but had kept an eye on them while growing up. But that had been a long time ago. They had long since pasted into the next world.

So scared, and yet his features were handsome. His cheek wet from the tears he had cried, he really was a young one. Thankfully he hadn't wet himself. Even grown men did that sometimes when they saw him. Was annoying, because it meant he had to clean them first.

Milan grinned as he placed the human on a bed of furs and webbing. His nest was soft and comfortable, protected by a rock face and trees. Stroking a hand over the boys face as he whimpered in his slept, his grin grew darker and lustful. Such a pretty little lamb.

He couldn't wait to have the boy screaming out in pleasure instead of fear.