Spider Trap part 3

He was careful as he moved the boy into a more comfortable position, for both Connie and so he had access to his tight little bud. Untouched by anyone. Connie was lying on his back, leaning half in the creatures lap, half on the webbing, feeling sated but very nervous. He could see the look in the demon's eyes. One of lust and hunger. His mind was screaming at him to fight, to not let this happen, but his muscles felt heavy and sluggish. he couldn't move.

Connie whimpered as his legs were parts, a hand reaching down to his entrance. His hands grabbed one of the pelts still surrounding them, and he buried his face in it as a finger pushed its way into him. His muscles complaining at the intrusion. However the finger slide in easily, helped by Connie's own cum which was all over the beasts hand.

"No, no. No hiding little lamb" cooed the demon, pulling the pelt away from Connie's face. Smiling lewdly at the sight of his flushed face. Connie mewled as the finger began moving slowly in him, slowly stretching him. The creature growled lowly in anticipation as Connie's ass muscles clenched around his finger.

"Ahh" Connie let out a yelp as another finger wormed its way in beside the first.

"Hush" murmured the creature, a hand moving some of Connie's hair out of his eyes and behind his ear. "It's alright" Connie whimpered at the tone in his voice. The fingers moved firmly but gently as the pumped in and out of the tight hole. The creature grinning at the sight of muscles tightening around them, looking forward to having his dick sheathed in the boy.

The feeling of having something inside of him was... odd. Not painful, but not pleasant either. But at the same time, he could feel his blood heating up. He was panting lightly, an odd feeling filling him. His hips began to move against the invading fingers, letting them go deeper into him.

Connie let out a yell of pleasure as the creature touched something which made The creature growl in pleasure and joy. He had found it. Quickly while the boy was distracted with pleasure, he slide another finger into him. He pushed in and out, spreading his fingers wide, spreading Connie's flesh wide.

Mewling, Connie let his head falling back, his neck exposed to the demon, who took advantage straight away. A tongue licked over the white flesh as it moved, as Connie panted, trying to keep himself together. But as the heat in his veins increased, it was becoming harder and harder. His hips bucked up and down, thrusting onto the fingers which were spreading him wide. Giving him pleasure he had never felt.

The creature chuckled darkly as it sucked and nipped at the white flesh, thrusting his fingers harder, deeper into the body below as his venom settled in the veins. Nothing dangerous, just something to ensure he was compliant and that they both enjoyed this.

Pulling out his fingers, he pulled Connie up, forcing him to face him, straddling his lap. Connie instinctively placing his arms on the creatures shoulders to keep his balance. The creature pulled him close with one hand, kissing him deeply, mapping the dark cavern. His other hand reaching down to pump his own length to full hardness.

"Such a good little lamb" purred the demon, nuzzling the side of Connie's face, licking at his ear, enjoying the whimpers it created. His hard dick was pressing against Connie's thigh now, just waiting to enter the boy.

Connie let out a sob. The demon kissing him again to silent it. "It hurts" whispered Connie. The burning in his body was overwhelming him now, making every inch of him sensitivite to touch. Aware of this, the demon ran his hands up his back, a motion which was meant to sooth.

"I know, it will fade fast" The creature promised, grabbing Connie's hips and pulling him up. Positioning himself, he thrusted up at the same time as pulling the boy down. Entering to the hilt.

Connie screamed in pain and pleasure. The pain of being penetrated so deeply so quickly, but in pleasure as his prostrate was hit solidly. The creature moaned in pleasure at the feeling so hot, tight muscles clenching around his ass, holding him tightly within the boy. He nuzzled against Connie's shoulder as the boy, moaned and mewled at the feeling of being full.

Keeping his grip firm on the lithe hips, he proceeded to thrusting in and out of the tight hole filling the human beyond his wildest dreams. The feeling of the boys ass was heavenly, the way his muscles held him in deep, pulling him in and fighting against him leaving was incredible.

Pushing Connie back, so he was laying on his back, the creature got to his knees and began pounding in and out of him with out care of how the human felt below him, knowing his venom would meant he was in bliss. He was too concerned with reaching his own pleasure and filling the body below with with his seed. Among other things.

Connie held onto the demon tightly as he was moved. Bliss didn't seem to quite describe what he was feeling at that moment in time. Th burning in his veins was almost unbearable as something he felt something build up in him. All he could see was white in pleasure, with the occasionally jolt of pain at a partially hard thrust. The demon began pounding him more violently as he felt the boy begin to climate.

The scream Connie let out sent birds flying in fright. White cum burst from his dick, spraying the creatures stomach. The demon roared some after, pumping Connie's ass with his own seed. Connie lay limp, utterly exhausted by the activity. He almost didn't noticed the other spider crawling towards them.

He yelled, but before he could move, the demon grabbed him and pulled him to his chest, hands rubbing his hips gently. "hush, not going to hurt you" he murmured, just watching as the second spider came up and began clicking at him.

Connie yelled as he was flipped something injected into him and he felt his muscles go limp. He was paralysed. Fear ran though him. Had the spider been lying? Tears rolled down his face he was so scared.

"Hush now. This might hurt a little" whispered the creature holding him. He couldn't see, but he could felt the other spider behind him, his own creature rubbing his back comfortingly. His ass cheeks were parts and something was pushed up his hole. He tensed, the hands rubbing his muscles making him relax again.

"What..." Connie didn't get out another word. The thing inside of him expanded, making him yell in pain. The spider's clicked at each other. Another injection was forced on to him. The pain went and he blacked out.

Next time he woke up, he was back at home, safe in his bed. Opening his eyes, he looked around. Had it been a dream? He mused, as he went to stand, only to fall as pain exploded down his spine. His ass felt like it was on fire. He knelt on the floor for a moment, eyes clamped closed, just waiting for the pain to fade. Opening his eyes, he suddenly realised he hadn't landed on the floor of his home, but rather a web.

"Sorry bout that" a dark and familiar voice said, suprising him. "Always hurts first time"

Turning his head, he wasn't surprised to see the demon, lounging on the web looking content. Seeing his human was awake, he scuttled over and pulled him into an embrace. Nuzzling happily against him. "First time?" Connie whimpered, that sounded like there was going to be more.

The spider chuckled before murmuring in his ear, making him go red. "Of course, you're mine now little lamb. And i'm sure we'll have fun"