Chapter 1

"I hate to say this, but Mrs. Heathers your husband Marcos has just passed away". The news had come so quickly. She almost felt as if it had not actually been said or that it was all a dream. Then she saw his body and the only thing she could do was weep. She felt that was all she ever did.

"Hi my name is Amelia Genevieve Holloway. It is a pleasure to meet you." Those had been her first words to him. The way that they instantly connected was evident and a second date was sure to come.

And, after several months of waiting, he finally popped the question. Of course, she said yes. Their wedding was one of fairytale and the honeymoon even better. But they both agreed the one thing they wanted most was a family of their own.

For months, they kept trying and trying. After almost a year, they got the news. A child was on its way. They were so thrilled they could not stop smiling. They immediately told everyone they knew of the news and they too were happy for the couple.

They could not wait to see their precious child so much that they checked and found out it was a girl. They had so very badly wanted a girl and now they were given one. When the baby was born, everyone rejoiced. They named her Josephine Margaret Heathers.

Not long after Josephine was born, they became pregnant with a boy. They believed they had been blessed by God to have a child and another on the way. When he was born, they named him Edward Michaels Heathers. At this point, they believed their family was complete.

Then it happened. On the way home from work Marcos was caught in a car wreck. A truck had swerved out of control and pinned his car against a phone pole.

People had not even noticed he was there until his injuries were too great. By the time, they found him they could not save him. They found his identification and called the emergency contact, his wife Amelia.

She was told to come to Earl Grays Hospital immediately. This is where she received the news of her husband's death. She felt that her life was slipping away.

She had already lost her parents to a fire at a young age. When she was adopted by a new family, she was so happy to have parents and a brother Alan. But Alan was so very weak and after 2 years with her new family, he died of pneumonia. She was only eight then.

She lived most of her life on the sidelines grief stricken by all the deaths she believed she caused. And now that her husband was dead, she thought it was her fault.

She was the one who had asked him to get a job at that firm instead of the one he suggested because of the higher pay. She believed if he had taken the other job he could have come home that night.

And then she thought about the children growing up without a father. Josephine was only two and Edward almost 1.

They would never remember their father and would only see him in the videos she had recorded of all the special things and events that had happened in their lives. With her head held high, she went home to tell her family of the news.