It's a planet a month away in a spaceship going at the speed of light.

In the galaxy Thridix.

Solar system has 3 major planets: Cahaya, Zacrose, and Lumnis.

4 minor planets: Unwai, Joreden, Thridixius, and Fillaei.

Cahaya has 4 moons: Seyton, Haya, Aberon, and Lote.

Zacrose is home to the Zacretarians.

Lumnis is home to an ancient race of aliens that are gentle and shielded from the other planets.

Of the minor planets, only Lote is inhabited, and only by deadly microorganisms.

Cahaya is a planet devoted to the environment, all people there are vegetarians.

The planet is more techie than Earth, but is cleaner and environmentally stable.

Reason for this advanced development is it is nearly 1 billion years older than Earth, and Cahayans have inhabited it for ¾ of that time.

Larger than Earth by ½.

Sun is 4x larger than Earth's sun.

About 3.2 billion people live on Cahaya, 1.8 million being Zacretarians.

Mostly covered by forests and grasslands. Some areas are completely barren from radiation.

The core emits radiation. This is originally how the Cahayans developed their abilities. The radiation is now controlled, but the abilities are passed down through the generations.

School system is as follows-

3-5 years: Preparation

6-10 years: Post Preparation

11-14 years: Pre Finishing

15-19 years: Finishing

20-_ years: Post Finishing (Optional, equivalent to our college)

Years are 352 days.

16 months, each 22 days long.

Each day is 25 hours long.

Months are named by Roman Numerals.