Born Survivor

NOTE: I would say this is mindless sex and bondage... But it's not... Shou really is like this. People have also been asking me about how Shannon keeps himself so meticulously groomed... Well, this is how.

Shou is younger, Shannon is older. Shou is Russian, Shannon is Japanese. Shou is a house husband, Shannon is a big shot musician and is known to be very, very feral in bed.

WARNING: Yaoi, man on man, PURE SEX and BONDAGE. Turn away now if you don't like mindless sexy men grooming and fucking one another. ;)

Shou (c) AlexChiswell

Shannon (c) AlexChiswell

A deep groan punctuated the silence.

He adored this, these days. The days where Shou would force him down onto the bed after stripping the blankets off just to make sure he kept in his top form. The fingertip continued to smooth down his spine, a nail digging into the flesh and left a mark after it and it was that digging of the nail that got Shannon to groan once again and stretch out but he had no where to go, nothing to do. Shou had bound him by the ankles, knees, wrists and elbows to the bed with once cold steel chains that Shannon knew for a fact were going to end up bruising by the end of it. He was tied on his front, legs splayed crudely apart and his arms tied behind his back and although Shannon had to admit that it tugged on the joints he was hardly one to complain with his face buried in the one pillow Shou always kept for his head.

"Bubbah want more?" Came the sarcastic, taunting coo and the fingertip brushed the tingling entrance which caused the musician to buck forwards lightly with a wanton growl from the back of his throat. Gods, oh gods he wanted sex but he knew Shou wouldn't go near him unless he was properly cut and shaved like usual. "Does he?" The fingertip brushed again and Shannon's groan became more a yowl of wanton need. He'd had no contact to his length, and it pulsed with need, drops of pre-cum dripping down every so often. Dammit, he wanted sex but Shou didn't seem to want to provide.

"Yes!" Shannon cried after a moment or two, breathing heavily and closed his eyes. The pillow always made it very difficult to breath but when it came down to the actual strenuous activities it was always removed. Erotic suffocation was all Shannon but that was only on very rare occasions.

"But you've not been shaving have you, bubbah?" Shou asked, watching him.


"No what?"

This time Shou was greeted with silence, Shannon never played the submissive which was why now Shou had him chained to the bed. But the younger man knew how to get the musician to answer. He leaned over silently and his hand suddenly engulfed the thick length while the other grasped hold of the slim hips while Shannon bucked forwards eagerly and cried out when he felt he could not thrust easily enough.

"No master." The man cried after a moment. Shou smirked. That had been what he was wanting, the reaction, the word that never spilt over Shannon's lips unless taunted and pulled free with a fishing hook. Master.

"And why not?" Shou asked. Shannon let out a wail when the contact to his length was lost and he could just about tilt his head enough to watch Shou's knees flex as he climbed off the bed and walked to a nearby drawer, coming back and Shannon's brows furrowed slightly until he felt the dampness of the cream and the bristles of a brush. Well dammit, he'd not expected that.

Shou was actually going to shave him.

Although he wasn't expecting it, it felt damn well nice and the aroused bassist sank into the depths of the blanket-less bed and simply purred while Shou smothered him with shaving cream and went to work with the razor. The two had been married for years and so of course Shannon trusted him with his only weapon and shaving equipment – an onyx handle coloured straight razor.

"Good slave, you stay there."

Shannon merely rumbled in response, his eyes closing with his face buried in the pillow and his hands flexing rhythmically along with the twitching of his body. Shou knew he had to be erect enough to hurt by now but that was all part of this game and Shannon was a born survivor, he'd live through this to climax another day.

Once decently shaved at the back, Shou silently cleaned the razor and cleaned the man up, releasing the chains that held his ankles and knees in place before flipping him over until Shannon was on his back on the bed, erection proudly at full attention and Shou grinned widely when he saw it, chaining the man back down before he could get free of his wrist chains. If Shannon was good at one thing then it was escaping from places he should not have escaped from.

"You need to keep yourself shaved, don't you?" Shou prompted. When Shannon grit his jaw and looked dead on at his husband Shou smirked simply, silently grasping the base of the musicians erection and silently went to work with the straight razor and the foam there. Shannon moaned loudly when each movement forced the hand grasping his length to send bolts of pleasure shooting up his spine and made him tingle.

"You need to keep yourself shaved, don't you?"

Half shaved, Shou stopped abruptly and dropped the razor on his slaves stomach, grabbing Shannon rough enough to bruise by the jaw and kissed him deeply, tongue invading every inch of his mouth and fighting the thick muscle he found in response into submission. Slavery and Shannon did not mix, but he made such a gorgeous slave.

"Yes, master." Shannon gasped against his lips and Shou pulled away from the kiss, patted the blushing cheeks with his fingertips and straightened out to go back to his shaving. Of course by that time he was most likely as aroused and erect as his husband but Shannon couldn't see below his waist but judging by the feel of the legs under his knees, his husband was still closed.

"Now that was not so hard was it, my slave?" Shou prompted.

Shannon was quivering like a plucked chicken, gasping quietly and whimpering with unbridled lust and need. He wanted his husband, and more than that, he wanted sex enough that he hurt for it. His erection by that point WAS painful, painful and pulsing so when Shou decided to grasp him and stroke him with everything from fingertip to palm Shannon sucked in a breath and threw his hips up with a moaning cry but that did not deter the man who was stroking him idly like he had better things to do. If he could have, Shannon would have thrown him on the floor and fucked his brains out by now and worst of all, Shou knew it, Shou could tell by the way his arms strained and every inch of his body bent towards his stroking hand.

"Hush, my slave, if you are a good boy you will get a reward. Tell me, who is your master?" Shannon let out a deep growl mixed with a moan, gasped and bucked up when a fingertip brushed over his tip and Shou abruptly took his husband into his mouth and suckled with a very strong rhythm.

"You! You are my master." Shannon wasn't used to this, letting go. Shou pulled away, nibbling lightly at the freshly shaved hilt.

"And who truly owns your body, Shannon? Who is the only one who can see you like this?" He stated as he watched the writhing mess.

"You." There was no holding back now, his control had been shaved away during the foaming, and now he had no pride to hold in any more. "Only you, you own me and I am yours."

"What do you want, my slave? What is it you really want?"

"You, your body!"

"You're lying. Tell me, only I can hear, who do you want, what do you want?"

"To get off, I don't care how but take me please. Shou please! Just get me off!"

Shou smirked. He knew how to get his husband. He continued his vigorous stroking, kissing from base to tip and back down again every so often nibbling and licking his way while Shannon bucked away heavily with need. Shou knew this man would not last long during sex. Not for a synchronized climax like usual so in that moment he decided what to do.

Shannon looked up when he felt the bed bow under weight, watching whilst panting like a dog as Shou pulled off his shirt and then his belt, wiggling his trousers over slim hips and flung them off to one side and then his boxers came off too and he fell to straddle his very naked, very loud, very feral lover. To Shannon's hate the man had settled down over his thighs so their lengths touched but never did the bassist get change to get inside his lover. Not yet. Whining until Shou shifted forwards to press their erections together, Shannon let his head lax back against the pillow and just watched with unashamed lust as both lengths were simultaneously grasped and rubbed together. Well, to say he was silent would be to lie, Shannon lay there and grunted very happily.

He wasn't expecting Shou to just drop down on him without any warning, hands smoothing over the soft stomach Shannon had and leaned back fully with hands slipping from stomach to grasp at the strong thighs. Shou wasn't stupid, he didn't just mindlessly drop himself down fully the first time and hurt himself, he sank down gradually even though Shannon just wanted in his husband and he wanted in his husband then and there.

It took Shou a moment to adjust, it always did and for those crucial seconds Shannon was able to drag a semblance of control back which was soon lost the moment Shou began to move against him, hands resting on the light fur of hair on Shannon's thighs as the two moved together, Shou dropping down and Shannon throwing himself up with desperation and lust the younger had to admit that he had not seen since their honeymoon. There was something about dominating a man like Shannon that just made him shudder happily.

Climax was quick in coming, especially when a hand moved from thigh to scissor and toy with a nipple. Shannon's back arched with a loud gasping moan, hands tightening to fist the edges of the bed and shuddered an uncounted amount of times before he slumped back against the bed and stared up with wide brown eyes at his lover. Shou was smirking down at him, fingertips trailing up his neck and jaw to brush the damp hair away from his face before he was unchained.

"Roll over, slave." Just because Shannon had gotten his fill, didn't mean Shou had. Now he was free Shannon stretched out, popped his joints and then obediently rolled over like his master demanded and adjusted himself accordingly, pushing his legs apart and tilting his hips at an angle that obviously pleased Shou because when Shannon shifted again he felt strong hands grasp his hips to keep him in position.

This time lube was needed. Shannon heard the snapping noise and sucked in a breath when the cool gel touched the heated skin, whimpering when the younger started preparing him with ease, a finger, then another, then another before finally pulling away with a pat to the rump. Shou used the remains of the lube to slick himself fully and leant forwards to force Shannon to take the full weight of his husband fully on his hips and it made the guitarist drop slightly and sucked in a breath when the felt the warmth and typical feeling of being stretched somewhat to bursting point. Shannon was used to being on top, however, tonight Shou was on top and the man was making the most of it, grasping hips and once Shannon had adjusted Shou thrust away eagerly against the willing and warm body that cooed and whined and moaned beneath him. Even though Shannon had met his end, the repeated slams against his prostrate was making every inch of him tingle. Damn. He wasn't used to this, perhaps he'd let Shou take top more often.

Shou roared out in climax, his hands on Shannon's hips the tightest they could be and went ridged, nails biting into flesh as he shuddered bodily with a shuddering groan and slumped down to the warmth and sweat slicked surface of the older man's back and buried his face in the semi-shaggy hair and did nothing but squeak when Shannon's legs gave out beneath him and the two just sprawled across the bed, eyes closed in unison.


When Shou looked at him, he was groggy, he was tired, his eyes were half closed and his voice gave away his tiredness.


"Can you... Get the blanket?"

That of course made sense, there they were, stark naked in bed where any tom, dick or harry could walk in and catch them. Shou sighed deeply, kissed the point between the shoulders and pushed himself upright, falling to one side and pushed the chains off until they hit the wood with a clacking noise and grabbed the silk sheets, dragging them over the bed and lay back down again. When he did, Shannon rolled to face him but he didn't have his eyes open, merely banded a strong arm across the man's chest and pulled him close. Shou went into the comfort of Shannon's coiled body with a warm welcome and nuzzled his head between the oriental man's chin. Shannon did nothing but raise his head slightly and exhaled heavily before he started to breath deeper than normal. In that moment, Shou knew he was asleep for good.

"Good night my slave, we will play again soon."