Author's note: Hey there! So this is the first poem I publish in here, I hope you like it ^^. I wrote this poem as I remembered my only love, who hurt me but I can't help but love; this poem describes my feelings regarding this situation. It's very angsty, but that was what I was aiming for. Please, give me constructive criticism, flames will not be accepted.

Because of my foolishness

I once believed you were the one,

Just because you made me smile.

I once believed you could be mine,

But you ended up becoming vile.

I started to think I was finally in love,

And wanted to spend with you a lifetime.

I claimed to the world you were my beloved,

But at the end you weren't worth my time.

Because of my foolishness,

I believed all your lies.

Because of my foolishness,

I paid a very high price.

I refuse to let tears fall down my face,

For they would only bring me shame.

I will now walk away with grace,

And accept I too am to blame.

With a broken heart I left you behind,

But without hurting my pride.

I now understand I was too blind,

For not noticing that you lied.

Because of my foolishness,

I thought you were true.

And, because of my foolishness,

I will always love you.