I groaned once again. Things just weren't fair.

Last week, my mother went to the store and bought my sister four new bras. That would be okay, if it weren't for the fact that my thirteen year old sister doesn't even need a bra.

My sister and I are polar opposites when it comes to this womanly area. I wear a size 36C. I've always been big chested; since I was eight to now, at fifteen.

My sister is still an A- cup.

And never have I gotten a new bra. I've "borrowed" from a friend, though no matter how much I've reminded my mom, I've never had a decent bra that fit the curves of my chest. Those I wear are either too big or too tight.

The situation has become an issue, especially today, when my one other brazier is in the laundry after two weeks of stretching its wear.

I pulled out my other bra: a two year old sports bra. The garment hardly ever did its job.

Looks like this will have to do.

I pulled it over my head and changed into a tank top. Peering at the mirror, I sighed as I noticed another problem. Something that subtracts notice from my curves and drives my insane to put up with.

The bra turned my breasts into something that looks like one bar across my chest; instead of two, perky, well developed, young breasts.

Something I like to call a uniboob.

-Written for Breast Cancer awareness.