Waiting for a train that never came

The horizon's just empty and grey

I was never meant to play this losing game

Is there anything left to say?

But here we are

Back where we've been

I'm just me

And you're just you

Shame on me you played me a fool

When I never trusted you to start

Should have known you'd be so cruel

When life's already blackened your heart

Thought you'd change

Or maybe I'm blind

Me being me

And you being you

You know you don't deserve me

And maybe you have hit your low

I've given up trying to make you see

So before I get hurt, I've got to go

You're not even here

Just up and gone again

Running from me

But that's you being you

It's come and gone, our second chance

Before I even really got to know you

It wasn't a lie that you suck at romance

'Cause you're always running and now I'm through

I don't know where we are

Never knew what we were

But I know I'm just me

And I know you're just you

If you thought I would wait

You thought wrong

Since you don't know me

Not like I know you

And me being me

And knowing you for you

You're lost and confused

And me,

I'm through

But that's just me

Which leaves you being you