There's a wall between us there never used to be

And a guarded mistrust between you and me

We had that second chance to start over again

But we're going to lose it and slide back where we've been

Together we had, and lost everything

So I'm walking away from the pain you will bring

Everything happens for a reason, that much I believe

And you won't let me in to know how you perceive

This up and down highway we're riding again

With headstrong passion with everything to gain

I'm not your girl or really anything

I don't know where I stand as your on and off fling

I won't say a word, it's not my business or place

But with me and her gone, what kind of life do you face?

You're lost and confused and don't want to be alone

So why are you always running and never answer your phone?

Hurt's not an option, I won't let you in

You'll never change and I'm wearing thin

I'm not your dog or secret call girl

Just a quiet escape from the cold, cruel world

But the gates are closing and I'm flying away

So now it's on you to run or to stay

We could have had it all and started over again

But we lost it, back here at the start, and I'm wearing thin