Author's note: I found this poem I wrote for my english class about a year and a half ago. It describes the feelings of a girl towards the boy she loves. It's very sweet and cheesy and wahtnot. Hope you guys like it!

Only you

You, my inspiration,

You, the morning glow.

With you I lose attention

From sunset to dawn.

Like a gentle breeze,

Your laughter calms my heart.

And just as summer bliss,

You put my worries apart.

The wild night surrenders,

To the magic of your voice.

And the perky starts are intruders,

Because you don't leave them much choice.

Kiss me again someday

In the whispers of the night,

In your own special way,

Until we lose each other's sight.

I wish you were here right now,

Holding me too tight.

Only you can make me laugh somehow,

Only you are my very precious knight.