Black on white

The rhymes speeding out of my fingers
crash straight into the black of white paper.

The all seeing, all knowing eye
stares into mine,
and smiles.

Amused at all that I've done,
it rockets my thinking into an entirely new direction.

So as I sit here and write my lines to express my thoughts,
I feel the power within take over and drive.

The shadowy figure, face enveloped,
hands extended, fingers arced.

Appendages drawn over earth,
controlling the world in which he rules supreme.

A place where sky is white and earth, blue,
where no one casts iron chains around each other's necks,
and where time no longer exist.

A power so great that mountains are created
from the footsteps of its ghost,
and the crust vibrates at the very thought of such a thing.

The strength woven at the heart of my being,
fuels the nerves of my fingers.

Flexing in
flexing out

Breathing in
breathing out

And it writes the syllables of my words
as black on white.